Muslim clothing for women-Stylish Islamic clothing

Muslim clothing for women-Stylish Islamic clothing

                                                      SINCE THE EARLY DAYS

The world of fashion constantly witnesses something new over time. A new term has been coined in the history of fashion, and from the looks of it, it is here to stay! The term is Muslim fashion. Islamic clergy movement insisted its men and women to dress modestly and religiously. But during the 1980s and 1990s, as the movement started getting amalgamate, the covered styles of dressing began to transform into more fashionable styles. This led to the mintage of a new term Islamic or Muslim fashion in the global fashion industry. Turkey was one of the first to enter this market. During the 1990s, fashion shows displaying this trend started getting popular all over the world (instead of being limited to a few Asian countries), and today this concept is acknowledged all over the world.

Aisha                             Team Aisha

                                             MIXTURE OF FAITH AND FASHION

It is a fusion of faith and fashion. Today, one can find dresses such as Burqas (fully covered clothes with only a mesh screen before the eyes as opening), Hijabs (a scarf that leaves the face uncovered), and Niqabs (face veils that leave a slight opening near the eyes), and fashionable clothes for Muslim men like designer Pathanis (a knee length top with loose bottom wear), Bisht (Arabic cloak), and Kufis (rounded cap) in the market. They don’t only comply with the rules of Islamic dressing, but also provide a style statement to the wearer. These fashionable outfits are especially in demand with the Muslims residing in western countries, who also want to look trendy along with religious. These outfits are available in various designs and colors, and made of alluring materials to add to the charm of the wearer.

Muslim women can be seen in traditional wears such as Burqas, Paranjas, Chadors, and Abayas. All of these clothing varieties are just slightly different to each other. They are loose fitted clothes that cover their entire body. Those out of these, that do not cover the head, require a veil to be worn in addition. Indonesian and Pakistani women are normally seen in Tudongs and Dupattas respectively. Tudongs are fully covered clothes that leave the face open. They are a formal wear for women in Indonesia. Pakistani women wear long scarves called dupattas (without any color restrictions) along with Salwar Kameez. The most popular of all Muslim men’s clothing is the Thawb a long robe that is up to the ankle-length, worn in Iraq and the Gulf countries. Men in Arab countries can also be seen wearing a Bisht on top of the Thawb. It is accompanied by a head wear called Igal.

Male Muslim

There is a special attachment in the mind of the wearer with regards to these outfits. Though they have invoked controversies in other parts of the world, but their demand has not reduced in the world market. In fact, Muslim men and women now have various choices available with them. Recent surveys indicate that the demand for Islamic clothes keeps rising by 20 percent every year on an average. The market for Islamic clothing is huge in Asia, with about $58 billion. Indonesia, followed by Malaysia, exports the most number of Muslim clothes in the world. Other textile giants are also looking forward to make their mark in the Islamic clothing exports industry owing to its increasing demand in the world market. Thailand has not been left behind with almost all of the Southern part of Thailand is crowded with Muslims who can be seen always in the markets of Bangkok.


Abayas and Chadors have attained world-wide attention. Fashion designers all over the world have modified their traditional look and made it a fashionable outfit. High fashion that Muslim women can access comprise of a combination of short sleeved robe and full sleeved jacket designed by Muslim and Non-Muslim designers, paired with a headscarf. They enhance the glamour quotient of an Islamic woman and still retain the ‘modest’ element in the outfit. This is, especially, popular among the rich and elite Muslim women in western and gulf countries that need to abide by Islamic laws of dressing and can also afford luxury at the same time. The Muslim fashion industry is estimated to be worth $96 billion as of today, and it’s continuously growing .

Muslim community

Islamic fashion is not just limited to a Muslim dominated country or region, but is prevalent all over the world. There are a number of Muslim fashion designers who have left a finger print in the global fashion industry. Iman Aldebe, Hikmat Saleh, and Jenahara Nasution are some of the most renowned names in the fashion industry whose creations have been worn by celebrities and notables. Some of these designers had a traditional upbringing and went to western countries for studies. This gave them an exposure of both the cultures, which helped them to create designs which were in agreement to their religious laws and also appealing to the Non-Muslim eye. Up coming designers from Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, UAE, Morocco, Indonosia and Jordan are bringing this fashion into the mainstream. Affluence designer apparels of this type are also becoming popular, especially in the gulf countries.


                                                MODERN LIFE  MUSLIMS

Haute couture dresses can be availed for Muslim men and women. These dresses are in accordance with the religious laws which gives the wearer a glamorous look. As before, Islamic fashion designers have moved away from, reserved colors, other lighter colors in order to design a Hijab wear. Lace and other such details are also used in designing Hijab wear which gives the piece of clothing an stylish and attractive looks. Needlepoint of different types are made on the traditional wear to make it beautiful and attractive.Neckband and body of different types are in trend at the moment. There are Hijabs available for different occasions including sportswear for  Muslim women and swimwear  for Muslim women swimmers.


Fashionable Hijabs are popular all over the world. Owing to their increasing popularity, Other religious are also giving it a try. The Muslim fashion industry is estimated to be worth around $254 billion in the market.The Muslims residing in the European countries have added their desire and purchasing power into the Muslim clothing.. Even other religious, being fashionistas, are willing to experiment with different types of fashion. Muslim women from Middle-east Asia are the biggest consumers of Hijab wear. Arabic women are willing to spend any amount of money to stay in trend. This fashion is no longer limited to designers and boutiques. Luxury brands like Fendi and Gucci are also coming up with head scarves for Muslim women.  London and Paris are expected to become the luxury couture capital of the world in the years ahead.


                                  JAKARTA ANNUAL SHOW

Statistics shows that, Indonesia is the biggest exporter of Muslim fashion wear in the world as of now, and it is preparing itself to become the Muslim fashion hub of the world in the years ahead. In fact, the Indonesian government wants the nation to become Asia’s center for Muslim fashion by the year 2018 and the world’s Muslim fashion leader by 2020. Muslim clothes are also envisaged to become a key export product. Currently, Indonesia’s Muslim fashion exports are still rather insignificant. Jakarta hosts an Islamic Fashion Fair every year, where  it’s exquisite designer Muslim fashion clothing by big names of the industry is displayed. This event is considered one of the best that the Islamic fashion industry has to offer to the global fashion industry.   A huge area of the malls in Middle-east are occupied by traditional Islamic fashion wear sellers, and they make good profit out of the limited clothing choices they provide to consumers.



                              EVOLUTION OF ISLAMIC FASHION

I will say there is more to fashion  than good looks and confidence. Such modifications to the attire will not only enable the Islamic men and women feel more confident of their looks, but will also help the world notice the new, fresh look of Islamic fashion. Fashion has the prospects to change many things in the world. Islamic fashion may help to change the outlook of the world towards Hijab and its consumers and promoters. It may glimmer a circle in the world and not the fashion industry alone. There is much prospects in the attire, and it can bring changes that may change lifestyles and thinking.

Our comment section is always available if you have anything to share with us concerning the Muslim attire.

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Do makeup like pro-Best face makeup products

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The life in fashion-3 steps to own a logo

Before diving into the 3 steps , I love to ask this? What is a Logo?

 A logo identifies a business in its simplest form via the use of a mark or iconI hope this definition is simple and clear for you to understand how important it is owning yours. Without wasting much time, let’s go straight to these simple steps;

How do I know which element should should I start out with?

To answer this question you need to ask yourself “what is my business all about?” Are you focused  on sportswear and fighting your way through a crowd of competition to make the most of your sales during the summer season? Are you stuck in the process of re-branding Or perhaps you are just starting your fashion adventure and have designed a few successful lines of clothing for teenagers?

The points below contains various examples for different types of fashion business branches. Take what you need and learn more about logo creation process.

Typeface : ( A set of character’s of the same design; letter’s numbers, punctuation marks and symbols inclusive)

If you’re wondering why we’re starting with the typeface, take a look at the most effective fashion logos, you will notice that most of them rely mostly on letters and characters. The reasons are straightforward – they are easily readable, they look good in different color palettes and can be arranged into monograms.

High-end and street-wear fashion

 Online magazine SLAMXHYPE  in 2014 conducted an investigation into fonts and color schemes used in the logos of well-known street-wear labels and high-end fashion houses. the result of their research proved all designers use pretty much the same fonts families.

The evidence shows Helvetica and Futura are favored typeface in both street-wear and high fashion logos, though outlier brand 40 ozNYC went rogue with Olde English. The preference for Helvetica and Futura is all over the industry and with a good reason because they are clean and readable.

Example of a  traditional high-fashion logo, very clear and can even be stitched on a bag or a jacket.

This doesn’t mean you should stick to the traditional fonts for your high-end lines of clothes. Focusing on traditional fonts only comes with some problems as well.

Firstly, they are over-used and associated with multinational brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Gucci, Nike.This means that, relying on Helvetica or Futura could undermine your position in the market.

Secondly, Helvetica and Futura are costly. Ranging  from $30 to even $700 also sometimes not properly spaced. This can be seen in the situation of GAP.

I do hope we all do remember the GAP logo disaster in 2010.? GAP redesigned its logo into the Helvetica and reduced the prominence of the brand’s iconic blue box. The public reaction was swift and negative. The outcry was so massive, that the company decided to revert the logo to its former self after only 8 days of being public. Check it out below

Original Logo                                                   2010 disaster

We could be tempted to ask what went wrong? Why a 63 year old brand suddenly became sour in the public mouth?

The only reason i could see is, Helvetica and Futura are all old fashioned. The original Helvetica is so over used that it fails to provide a truly unique identifier. You need to be unique from your competitors. You need something less generic.

One of the ways of designing an effective logo is to alter an existing logotype, particularly the Helvetica. It’s that simple right? That’s the first and easy choice if you choose to go with the traditional Helvetica and Futura.

Let’s look at sport fashion logo for instance;

Sport fashion logos usually rely on few, selected modern fonts, like Futura right? Your goal is to visualize progress, elegance and style.

First and foremost,  your brand’s name needs to be visible at all times. Most often sportswear has little room available to attach a complex looking logo and still look good. This is why, a clear typeface or a recognizable monogram are the perfect answers. See the example below.

: The Speedo typeface is the perfect example for something that is distinct enough to put on a swimsuit or a sport wear. It’s elegant and modern-looking, implying that the equipment it’s attached to follow the same principle, designed according to cutting-edge technologies. The aggressive font is dynamic enough to convince the recipient that it allows him or her to enhance their performance by wearing Speedo clothing.

                                          Children’s fashion

With children fashion logos you are targeting two audiences at once: kids and their parents. You need to appeal to children by using clear, visible characters with lots of whitespace in-between. Keep in mind, that each age group requires different approach – younger kids prefers big,clumsy letters. For the parents, the typeface you use should evoke the feelings of safety, security and reliability. Avoid irony and sarcasm.


Color is  so important and effective for  logo design it can highlight business’s strengths and help you attract the right set of customers. The wrong combination can have the reverse effect and make your brand hang.

Color plays a crucial role in fashion logos and can effectively indicate which branch of clothing the viewer is dealing with. On a simple level, colors on the warm side of the spectrum, such as red and yellow, are uplifting and energetic, while their cooler counterparts, blue and green, give off calmness and more reserved.

Before you go on a coloring rampage, you should design your logo in a regular palette. This way you’ll get an idea of the contrast and saturation, as well as make sure, that the image will look clear enough for any printed material.

The images below are a perfect example of what is illustrated above;


Take a look at the inverted color palette – the designer wanted to make sure, that the logo typography will present itself well no matter the material it’s attached to.

Most high-end fashion logos designed in black are sophisticated and “classy”,  evoking a sense of authority and boldness. Although the color is seemingly universal, it’s also repetitive and might make you “blend in” a bit too much. This can be seen in the Example of Gucci in my later article above.

Make sure your color is consistent with your brand. Carry your color logo from materials, store and to the whole brand.It helps them create a consistent visual image in the heads of your recipients, exploiting subconscious attachments to particular colors.

Sport fashion logos tend to rely on bright colors show-casing energy, movement and health. Light version of red are perfect for inviting people to take risks, stimulating senses and raising blood pressure. Different shades of blue, on the other hand,  conjure feelings of freedom, limitless spaces and inner balance.

Colors in children fashion,  can generally let your imagination loose, as longs as you restrain yourself to lozenge and non-aggressive coloration. Children generally love cartoons,make your logo look like another Sunday cartoon with lots of pleasant looking shades. This will be all you have to do about color.


One of the most iconic fashion logos on the planet, like Nike, Adidas, are built upon logo mark – abstract or metaphorical shapes that are made to increase brand’s identity.

Do you need a logo mark?

Starting your own fashion company- Be Unique and leave your foot prints

Everything you need to know about owning a fashion company from designing a fashion logo 
that will help you stand out in the crowded world of fashion clothing brands. Be the owner
of your own identity in the fashion world with a Unique Logo.Be ready for a small business
Building your own fashion logo from scratch may seem harsh for some people but for a ready 
mind it’s just another, exciting project. The vast, glamorous world seems to be within your 
arm’s reach. You have ideas and unmatched imaginations – drawing the brand’s image should be 
fairly simple, right? Darn, have you designed a few lines of clothes before, how difficult can 
it be? Even as a beginner, you can do it all by yourself.
        Great mindsPreparing your logo all by yourself can end your career if not killing your fashion 
dream alive. 

Let’s make a few things clear – possessing valuable fashion designing skills does not 
translate well into building a successful logo. No matter how much talent you have or 
how brilliant your ideas are, you still don’t know the marketing world enough to do 
everything on your own (for instance, can you tell the difference between long-lasting and 
temporary topographic trends?) The process of preparing your own branding image is long, 

To make matters worse, fashion industry was almost starting to slow down. And this means,
it was going to be extra hard to make a difference in your niche and take over your competition. 

There was a general agreement that 2016 was one of the most challenging years the fashion 
industry has ever seen. Did you know? 

        We are detecting glimmers of hope: Executives report optimism and the McKinsey Global 
Fashion Index forecasts industry sales growth to nearly triple between 2016 and 2018, from 1.5
percent to between 3.5 and 4.5 percent.
Things are starting to look a bit grim, don’t you think? This is precisely why you need 
knowledge, experience and assistance in preparing a logo that will help you survive the 
upcoming years of struggle.
In fact, 2017 signaled the end of an era, as the West are no longer the global stronghold 
for fashion sales — more than half of apparel and footwear sales originate outside of 
Europe and North America. The main sources of growth are emerging-market countries across 
Asia–Pacific, Latin America, and other regions; they forecasted to grow at rates ranging 
between 5 and 7.5 percent since 2018

This master piece article will guide you through the most important aspect of designing a 
successful fashion logo. We are going to describe the 3 steps of logotype creation – shape, 
color and domain – and help you narrow down your choices when it comes to various branches
of fashion industry.

       Time wait for no one. JOIN THE FASHION TREND AND BE MADE:(The future is bright)

             3 easy Steps of fashion logo creation

I  am sure, you’re already past the idea of logo being a  pleasing and “cool” addition to your company. Think of your branded image as the ultimate sign transmitting your marketing message. You don’t have to remind yourself what the Gucci, Fendi, Nike, Versace logo looks like – it’s  in your brain by the mare mentioned of the brands name.

               Logo’s and brand’s are so important. In some parts of the world,

                 people can not read English, Chinese, Italian or French but they

                in remembering the signs.


                     Ask yourself this;   But how do I get to this point?

As with every project, you need a solid foundation. When it comes to logos, you need to focus on 3 things serving as a starting point to the whole designing process,

                    3 steps of creation:


shape and


         The next article will explain how to use these 3 steps and build your own brand in the fashion industry.  You are free to share with us your thoughts in the comments section below.


First Black Female Fashion Designer-The Untold

Historically, the fashion industry has found inspiration in Black culture. Whether it’s hairstyles commonly worn by the African/ African American community, jewelry that are mainstays for a particular culture, and even the language used to describe pieces created by designers of color.

Black people are often erased from the conversation, making it hard to write off these instances as “just clothes. Designers receive praise for the very things people of color have been looked down on for wearing.

It’s just not clothes when you factor in it’s the livelihood of marginalized communities providing the inspiration, but unfortunately, inspiration has not turned into representation, with a lack of diversity in the models that walk the runways, and the designers that are heralded and revered by the industry.

How many of you know the first black female fashion designer?

Did you know she was the creator of the original Bunny playboy costume?

Stay with me and let’s go on a tour and remember these iconic fellows who built the legacy on the fashion clothing we all are enjoying today.


Does the name Zelda Barbour Wynn Valdes ring a bell? I guess no. Valdes was an African-American designer born June, 28,1905. She grew up in the cities of North Carolina and owns the master piece of the Bunny Playboy costume.Just because mainstream culture has chosen to ignore these doesn’t mean that they have not made strides.

Wynn VeldasBunny Playboy Costume.

Early life

She trained as a classical pianist at the Catholic Conservatory of Music. In the early 1920s, Valdes started to work in the tailoring shop of her uncle in White Plains. Valdes was the first black designer to open her own shop, which was the first black-owned business on Broadway in New York City, New York in 1948. Her designs have been worn by  famous entertainers such as Marian Anderson, Josophine Baker. Valdes began working as a stock girl at a high-end boutique around 1920 and worked her way up to become the boutique’s first black sales clerk and tailor.



In 1970 Arthur Mitchell asked Valdes to design costumes for his new company, the Dance Theater of Harlem. Valdes continued- to work with the Dance Theater of Harlem until her death on September 26, 2001, at age ninety-six.


There are many of these iconic heroins of color the media has neglected. Send one of them to me at the comment section below.

Gianni Versace Fashion-The prolific designer

Did you know Fashion clothing prolific icon’s who where inspired by the love of nature to grace us with the various designs of dresses today also had a normal life? Billions of people enjoy the handicraft of the likes of Dolce & Cabana, Calvin Klein, Gianni Versace just to name a few. Today I want to take you to the life of one of this icon’s life.

Gianni Versace.

This icon been the brain behind the clothing design millions of people all over the globe enjoy today. Just so you know that this icon was an Italian, the founder of the international fashion house ( Versace). This house produced accessories, fragrances, make-ups, interior decors and clothes. In case, you forget, he was a friend of Diana the famous princess of wales. Versace brand also designated costumes for theatre and films.



His full name from birth was Gianni Maria Versace. He grew up with elder brother Santo Versace, younger sister Donatella Versace who is been the co-owner of the brand Versace until September 2018 which she sold out to Capri holding. He also grew alongside his father and the mother Francisca to whom many refer to as the dress maker. You are not far from the truth if you start questioning where he got his talent.


Early life and career

This famous fashion icon was born in December 2, 1946, in Regio di Calabria, Italy. He was raised in the world of design, learning from the hands of his mother who ran her own dressmaking business. This gives you clearity on WHY he became the best right? He launched his own ready-to-wear collection for women in 1978. He continued to add his fashion empire, expanding into home furnishing and perfumes.

Age and death.

It’s so sad that Gianni Versace was only 50 when he died. He was shot and killed outside his home in South Beach, Florida. On this fateful day, Gianni woke up sound, made a call to Milan and went out a few blocks away from home just to get a journal. He was shot at his gate sadly enough by Andrew Cunanan who was furious and accused Versace of infecting him with the dreaded virus (HIV). Are you surprised? Just for the records, the family has debunked allegations of the icon being HIV positive.

Who is cunanan

Cunanan who was 27 years old was involved in a sex relationship with the icon Versace and seems things where not great. He was described by his own mother as a high class homosexual prostitute who was already wanted by the police for other crimes he had committed.



The icon Versace was flown to Italy by her shattered siblings Donatella and Santo who claimed the body on July 22,1997, one week after he was murdered. Versace was given a funeral fit of the Prince. Thousands of people attended his memorial with many of them wearing Versace. Friends like Naomi Campbell who was his favorite model, Elton John and Sting.


Who is your favorite fashion designer? Leave a comment at the comment box below.


Buying Online Fashion Clothes-Here are 5 tips for you

As fashion experts set themselves together as we end the year, they board in with new ideas to change the fashion game. Models and many other people who love to wear different types of accessories like belts, bracelets, watches, bags, clothes are on online surfing the net to buy their desired fashion clothing. The game of online fashion clothes has change immensely from the pass of time. Don’t be excited, there are different forms of Online Fashion clothes.

Before going into the 5 tips, i would like you to answer this questions honestly “What in particular are you looking for? What design fits you best? Are you into casuals and lot more? This is what you should search for in different categories:


Suit separates have made a comeback and are a super trend. They have a modern look now looking airless. Suits give you the perfect ultimate boss look for the new year. Pair your sharp suits with a bold graphic tie for a casual or unexpected look. This will also help you achieve a perfectly balanced outfit and not look outdated. This i recommend you search for when buying online clothes.

luxe suit                                 suit


Did you also know shorts have stolen the show this year? Buying online fashion clothes, Go for tailored, micro or knee-length, whatever you may be comfortable in. Give your skirts/trousers a break for the next few months and for your summer go-to, choose loose and uber stylish shorts.

uber short                              uber short


Here we go with fabric at our top 3 where top designers have rediscovered the beauty of our heritage fabrics. Natural fabrics is catching a lot of eye balls in the buying online fashion world. Designers now offer dhoti pants, straight pants, crop tops, caps, jackets and more done in pastel shades of neutrals. Let’s not allow the scorching heat stop us from putting our best foot forward. Make buying online fashion clothes a summer style statement with these fabrics.

Fabric                    Fabric


Colors have a great influence when considering to buy online. Depending on your mood, i will consider talking about bright colors.From bold blues and dark greens to bright yellow, we don’t have to worry about 2020. It will be an interesting year of fashion. The more minimalist outfits and looks now feature deep colors like chocolate, brown and auburn reds. Swimwear designers have incorporated a plethora of colors and prints into their latest collections. Starting to get use to the handicraft of most talented designers will just make our appearance suit nature.

Colors                        Color


It won’t just be right talking about buying online without mentioning the need for bags, belts, watches right? Yes, belt bags has got sophisticated moreover this past season and still moving across. Belt bags, watches bring the class to a hands-free accessory and are great for night out. Fancy flats has also helped a lot mostly on the days you do not want to put in any effort to think about what you going to wear. When it comes to shoes, you don’t have to opt for high heels to look stylish. Just make sure the footwear, whether flats or heels have a pop of color.  A fantastic piece of jewelry such as a pair of hopes will make your party glamorous and gets the most view.

Jewlry               Low heels shoe

So, Thanks to buying online fashion and other magazines, you now know about the hottest new trends in the world of fashion. Therefore the theme of fashion is always relevant. This statement applies to both fashion and in buying online fashion clothes. Keep reading and following the trend of buying online fashion clothes.

I am open to critics and I won’t mind if you have anything to share with me about buying online fashion clothes in the comment box below.



online fashion clothing store

Regardless of whether you are in an urban or rural area, you can easily with consistency make multiple shopping on online fashion stores. If you want to be outstanding in you looks and have a unique outfit, its more relaxing and easier to find comfort from shopping with ease online. I am going to pass you through the best shopping ideas to help you order things from you home without necessarily going to the market.

I will talk more about in details how online fashion clothing stores changed my life. Stay tuned this might be what you are always looking for.

Importance of online shopping store

I do not know what you are going through but I know the reason you are reading this article. You are looking for the best place to get you online purchase done with convenience and ease.

I was in you position and feel great to show you how you will be amaze after knowing what I passed through and what many people are still passing through. I was a victim from thievery on a festive period while I went out to the mall to shop for the family. I would have avoided this but it all happend and this sent me here and I am delighted to share my experience with you reading. I was also tired of the rat race waking up so early because I want to avoid crowds in at the market and the malls.

Online fashion clothing stores changed my life when I decided to take control of my life when I quit from being a victim. Are you motivated? It’s time to choose what you want to achieve and what I am going to tell today will change you life but you need to put some work and take action.

Before I go deep in this online fashion clothing store review I just need a little of you attention to look at this pictures below for people who are buying online just by a simple click on Online clothing fashion store with the internet.

This could be you having a great time with you hubby at the comfort of you home but you are busy wasting you time by going to Malls, Markets and other shopping centers. The likes of most famous people and celebrities you can imagine use online fashion clothing store. We allow consumers to buy goods from the comfort of you home or even while going about you daily routines, a minute stop and search on you phone will save you more time to place an order.

We offer convenience as you can shop any time of the day with an immediate processing of orders immediately they are placed without waiting in the line to be served. You avoid crowds as places get crowded especially during festive periods and special events.

Here you will get discounts and compare prices of numerous products, read full information about them and see reviews from previous buyers. We also make shopping easy for you as you don’t need to travel to get you goods. Delivery is offered from door to door with convenient payment methods.

I will live you to be honest with yourself by answering these questions; How comfortable are you going to the market always to buy just an item for 10$? Do you really have much time? Do you like feeling like a boss sometimes?

If those questions touch you heart, the real question is what are you doing to accomplish you goal of being served right at you comfort zone? Are you working on it? If you do not know how and where to start to accomplish you dream Online Clothing Fashion Store is going to hold you hand and help you to live the life that you have always wish for.

However, you will need to put some efforts and make up you mine about this. If you know you WHY it is very important to figure out HOW you are going to choose you best Online Fashion Clothing like I did.

They are over 4 billion people all over the world who are buying products online from Online Fashion clothing store and other companies like Amazon, eBay.

Therefore, you can also join these people and safe yourself some stress, theft, danger and the fear of even loosing money while on a train struggling to go at the nearest Mall.

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Hello everyone and welcome to my BWJ NEWS AND FASHION website. Quality news broadcast of all kinds and working as a freelancer in affiliate programs, Fashion, resourceful of spreading news and help people out of their low income has being a passion for me since I was a teenager and over the years. I have been involved in multiple online marketing programs such as Zeek-reward, Forex, Crypto-Currency. I have always tried to be on the best side of life just to make a difference. I have always worked online even if I had a steady job. Being able to help people out of poverty, educate people about happenings in this global village gives me so much joy and satisfaction.


Growing up in this present state of life has given me so much value. How time flies, technology has made things easier than in the ’80s. I smile when I watch the 21st-century kids play with androids, sophisticated equipment which was by far expensive as compared to now. Growing up wasn’t easy I must say but the lessons learned have impacted my life more than I have ever thought.
I have always been someone who looked for alternatives, never was a time I thought I was limited with ideas to strive ahead and combat a situation. I was an ice-breaker and an inspiration to my mates. We break the boundaries of creativity and always made our financial source never go dry. We devise methods and seize opportunities whenever it came our way.
With the help of technology, I have been an internet monger for 11 years now, I have always been involved in online adventures and businesses. Fashion has been part of my journey all through as it’s a catalyst to me. I did side hustles just to make sure my desire for any clothing that will act as an antidote for the heartburn I had for fashion is quenched.
Describing myself in a few words “I’m a business monger”. The online business is what turns me up. I could calculate figures even in my sleep. That’s just it and the challenge has brought me with unmeasurable success all these years. I could write without season a stop talking about me.
Today let’s just talk about you and your own story’s and how we both can fix the missing puzzles.


Now is to give back to the society what nature has given me. Traveling from different parts of the world and engaging in seminars, free charity works, business ventures and I a lot more, I see it right to share with society what my accomplishments are and for the society to benefit from my success story.

I was helped, Introduced into the affiliate world, the emerging fashion world, the great mentors I have today, all these I want to give back folds of it as I was given. The world is full of needy people, those who can read and understand, others who can’t even read, those that can read but never take action. All these set of individuals need a platform which will act as a catalyst for them to exploit their potentials.

You reading me today, you know yourself best. The biggest and dumbest lie you ever lie is lying to yourself. I want to be that catalyst to the society to help people achieve their dreams, combat poverty, an antidote for unrealized dreams and a force to nation-building. Be a part of this change and let’s make the world a better place. I can’t do all this alone, we all need each other and our dream and lavish lifestyle we have ever dream of will be served to us in a platter of gold.


The goal of BWJ NEWS AND FASHION is to provide the necessary information, tips, techniques to empower people to get that which they see impossible to do by themselves. This platform has amalgamated with many Affiliate programs, social media links to make sure getting the latest and best information you need about Fashion, and other money-making channels are at your reach.
We want to be the best, our services and loyalty are to our readers and followers. Our Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest are all intact so we can have a one on one dialogue with our followers. (BWJ DEALS).The goal for the BWJ NEWS AND FASHION is to become a world-class distributor in fashion, Affiliate marketing and provide professional education covering the whole spectrum of activities in the fashion industry and having a side hustle. The sense of social responsibility, critical and creative thinking ability to bring consumers closer to their desired products.
Being admired by everyone around you is a social responsibility as we evolve in this global village. News and even the basic information to become a better person in society are scarce. This platform is designed to meet the goals of achieving greater looks, breaking financial crisis and make you become a better person in society.
Keep your head straight and get the right outfits to match your desirable job description. Have access to all fashion clothing and designs in a single order. Join the business line and become a boss from home with full equipment and a great society to guide you from start to finish.


Growing up was challenging since I was the shortest among my friends in primary school. My parents refused to send me to secondary school just because I was too small and they were scared of me been bullied in school. My passion for NEWS AND FASHION always kept me outstanding as even these tall friends looked upon me to get the latest designer clothing, links to meet up with their financial breakdowns.

I was short and small but my looks didn’t count because I was well dressed and I was easily accepted by everyone just because they needed ideas on how to better their sense of fashion and a huge pocket. The critics of me being short were always avoided since my designers were the only topic they noticed. Making online was that simple even though we faced challenges of the internet break down and lack of electricity sometimes.

Informative News and Fashion as a passion of mine ha always made people look at me differently. I feel healthy knowing I have a new arrival of clothing the moment where I could not have access to my desired clothing, I stayed hours going through my closet looking for one. The desire for fashion has always worked in line with a deep pocket. You can’t buy new clothes without having cash. My story as long as it went always had a back-up since I had to work with Affiliate markets to do away with the daddy boy stuff always asking money.

My dreams ended and no critics from friends and classmates about my small size because I was always on point with my outfit which they preferred we talk about. The extra tutoring of marketing always had a play in our discussion and I was comfortable to introduce them into the vast industry
Feeling fulfilled as the founder of BWJ NEWS AND FASHION is not complete without me sharing the skills with society and make people benefit from it.


The fashion and Affiliate marketing has gone viral in such a manner where you can hardly see people still dressing hastily. You don’t see an entrepreneur, banker and even local business people without checking out on their outfit.
The first impression is the dress you are wearing, how good-looking it fits you.

This alone has giving people around you a topic there by creating an impact in their judgments about you. You hardly pass anywhere without clothing.
The nature of each job no matter which industry you are involved with has a requirement of who you are, what you look like and how you appear in front of people. Fashion clothing and design determines how serious and ready you are attending a job interview, how ready you are to go on a date, how ready you are to meet a friend.


If you have anything you will love to share with me about fashion and clothing, I will love to here it.

Remember looking good is good business and can earn you a big deal