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Hello everyone and welcome to my BWJ NEWS AND FASHION website. Quality news broadcast of all kinds and working as a freelancer in affiliate programs, Fashion, resourceful of spreading news and help people out of their low income has being a passion for me since I was a teenager and over the years. I have been involved in multiple online marketing programs such as Zeek-reward, Forex, Crypto-Currency. I have always tried to be on the best side of life just to make a difference. I have always worked online even if I had a steady job. Being able to help people out of poverty, educate people about happenings in this global village gives me so much joy and satisfaction.


Growing up in this present state of life has given me so much value. How time flies, technology has made things easier than in the ’80s. I smile when I watch the 21st-century kids play with androids, sophisticated equipment which was by far expensive as compared to now. Growing up wasn’t easy I must say but the lessons learned have impacted my life more than I have ever thought.
I have always been someone who looked for alternatives, never was a time I thought I was limited with ideas to strive ahead and combat a situation. I was an ice-breaker and an inspiration to my mates. We break the boundaries of creativity and always made our financial source never go dry. We devise methods and seize opportunities whenever it came our way.
With the help of technology, I have been an internet monger for 11 years now, I have always been involved in online adventures and businesses. Fashion has been part of my journey all through as it’s a catalyst to me. I did side hustles just to make sure my desire for any clothing that will act as an antidote for the heartburn I had for fashion is quenched.
Describing myself in a few words “I’m a business monger”. The online business is what turns me up. I could calculate figures even in my sleep. That’s just it and the challenge has brought me with unmeasurable success all these years. I could write without season a stop talking about me.
Today let’s just talk about you and your own story’s and how we both can fix the missing puzzles.


Now is to give back to the society what nature has given me. Traveling from different parts of the world and engaging in seminars, free charity works, business ventures and I a lot more, I see it right to share with society what my accomplishments are and for the society to benefit from my success story.

I was helped, Introduced into the affiliate world, the emerging fashion world, the great mentors I have today, all these I want to give back folds of it as I was given. The world is full of needy people, those who can read and understand, others who can’t even read, those that can read but never take action. All these set of individuals need a platform which will act as a catalyst for them to exploit their potentials.

You reading me today, you know yourself best. The biggest and dumbest lie you ever lie is lying to yourself. I want to be that catalyst to the society to help people achieve their dreams, combat poverty, an antidote for unrealized dreams and a force to nation-building. Be a part of this change and let’s make the world a better place. I can’t do all this alone, we all need each other and our dream and lavish lifestyle we have ever dream of will be served to us in a platter of gold.


The goal of BWJ NEWS AND FASHION is to provide the necessary information, tips, techniques to empower people to get that which they see impossible to do by themselves. This platform has amalgamated with many Affiliate programs, social media links to make sure getting the latest and best information you need about Fashion, and other money-making channels are at your reach.
We want to be the best, our services and loyalty are to our readers and followers. Our Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest are all intact so we can have a one on one dialogue with our followers. (BWJ DEALS).The goal for the BWJ NEWS AND FASHION is to become a world-class distributor in fashion, Affiliate marketing and provide professional education covering the whole spectrum of activities in the fashion industry and having a side hustle. The sense of social responsibility, critical and creative thinking ability to bring consumers closer to their desired products.
Being admired by everyone around you is a social responsibility as we evolve in this global village. News and even the basic information to become a better person in society are scarce. This platform is designed to meet the goals of achieving greater looks, breaking financial crisis and make you become a better person in society.
Keep your head straight and get the right outfits to match your desirable job description. Have access to all fashion clothing and designs in a single order. Join the business line and become a boss from home with full equipment and a great society to guide you from start to finish.


Growing up was challenging since I was the shortest among my friends in primary school. My parents refused to send me to secondary school just because I was too small and they were scared of me been bullied in school. My passion for NEWS AND FASHION always kept me outstanding as even these tall friends looked upon me to get the latest designer clothing, links to meet up with their financial breakdowns.

I was short and small but my looks didn’t count because I was well dressed and I was easily accepted by everyone just because they needed ideas on how to better their sense of fashion and a huge pocket. The critics of me being short were always avoided since my designers were the only topic they noticed. Making online was that simple even though we faced challenges of the internet break down and lack of electricity sometimes.

Informative News and Fashion as a passion of mine ha always made people look at me differently. I feel healthy knowing I have a new arrival of clothing the moment where I could not have access to my desired clothing, I stayed hours going through my closet looking for one. The desire for fashion has always worked in line with a deep pocket. You can’t buy new clothes without having cash. My story as long as it went always had a back-up since I had to work with Affiliate markets to do away with the daddy boy stuff always asking money.

My dreams ended and no critics from friends and classmates about my small size because I was always on point with my outfit which they preferred we talk about. The extra tutoring of marketing always had a play in our discussion and I was comfortable to introduce them into the vast industry
Feeling fulfilled as the founder of BWJ NEWS AND FASHION is not complete without me sharing the skills with society and make people benefit from it.


The fashion and Affiliate marketing has gone viral in such a manner where you can hardly see people still dressing hastily. You don’t see an entrepreneur, banker and even local business people without checking out on their outfit.
The first impression is the dress you are wearing, how good-looking it fits you.

This alone has giving people around you a topic there by creating an impact in their judgments about you. You hardly pass anywhere without clothing.
The nature of each job no matter which industry you are involved with has a requirement of who you are, what you look like and how you appear in front of people. Fashion clothing and design determines how serious and ready you are attending a job interview, how ready you are to go on a date, how ready you are to meet a friend.


If you have anything you will love to share with me about fashion and clothing, I will love to here it.

Remember looking good is good business and can earn you a big deal



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