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Is Aliexpress scam? Well before we dive into this, I would like us to talk more about this company and what their services are. Aliexpress is an online shopping platform with it’s headquarter in China.

What do they do?

Aliexpress is an online retail service located in china. It is own by the Alibaba group which is also based in China. They are involved in retail sales of a variety of goods and services. has been one of the most famous leading companies in Asia, thanks to the Alibaba holdings which incorporate its services to its existence.

Are you a lover of Aliexpress online retail? If yes then you need to read this to be careful how you involve your hard earn money shopping with and be scam-free. Ohh yes scam free is the word. I am sure we all shop online be it clothing, apparel, electronics and a lot. Imagine seeing a nice TV set to buy on an website and after paying for it with your card sitting at the comfort of your bedroom waiting patiently for it to be delivered. 

Aww, I know the anxiety of having a new pair of sneakers to be delivered to me after placing an order. I’m sure you reading this also feel almost like me if not the same. scam

There is a company in real life as Aliexpress located in china involved in online retail. The point here is, why does Aliexpress refuse cash on delivery for their services? Your guess is as good as mine. Now, remember what the bank say’s after issuing you an Visa card? It’s a personal financial document containing all your information. Sharing this vital information to a third party is always a risk you are not supposed to take.

There are several complaints over the years where people pay for goods from Aliexpress and they never get the goods they paid for and whenever they try contacting Aliexpress, promises are made to investigate or trace your financial loss but you never get the goods at the end nor a refund.


Aliexpress has been compromised with several third parties using the internet and hiding under the banner of to advertise fake goods that do not exist. The Aliexpress logo is not unique making it difficult to differentiate the real and the fake Aliexpress. This where the scam takes place.

Now, always asks your card information and you are billed with the information from your visa card and most often this information is stored and monitored. After the first payments to this third party, this information can always be used to withdraw money from your account without you placing an order. It is not always easy shopping online with as there so many people using Aliexpress to exploit you and take the money from you and then take to their hills. These people are smart and some of them are so patient. 

How scam operates

Do you remember the first time you paid for goods with Aliexpress using your visa card? The information you gave had your account details. One might be tempted to say Aliexpress works with scammers to exploit customers off their money because most often, the locations of these suppliers are always in China. After making the first purchase, what happens is, an insignificant amount of money starts varnishing from your account, reasons I say they are smart and patient.

These scammers start withdrawing money from your account each month without you noticing. I called them smart, you know why? They withdraw little amounts which they know you won’t be consistent in checking and you won’t notice easily. For instance, let’s say you have 58367$ in your account and 3$ insignificantly as I said is withdrawn using the information you provided. Be honest to yourself and answer this, how many times have you checked if you lose a dollar from your account?


Remember, thousands of people buy with but let us assume 3$ each is removed from 300 accounts in a single month. Let us do the mathematics together. 3$ x 300 acc = 900$.900$ x 12 months =10.800$. The fake goods seller gets your information and still get money out of you every month without your knowledge since these are minor sums of money. You make him rich for doing nothing.

How to escape Aliexpress scam

Significantly, isn’t the only shopping market in Asia. There are tons of online markets with high-quality goods. Some of these markets give chances for you to pay with cash on delivery. Lazada is an example of such a market, Sephora and a lot more. Companies like Lazada gives you choices of payments in which you can choose from without risking your savings.


  1. Buy goods from companies you can be able to pay with cash on delivery.
  2. Research before doing any purchase from to avoid the fake Aliexpresss
  3. Investigate when the advertiser opened the store with Aliexpress before exposing your information.
  4. Read the privacy policy of the store
  5. Star rating and review with feedbacks.

I hope this will set you free from the scam existing in the online shopping market. You are unique and you deserve the best. As an individual, I will rather shop with payments on delivery than expose my account details to anything online since many of these sites like the payment sections are not secured.

Please let me know what you think in the comment section below. If you want to buy with cash on delivery and free shipping cost, click here.

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