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There is no denying the fact that most people in different parts of the world are using online fashion stores to update their wardrobe. When last did you go to the market to make a purchase? Your guess is good as mine. It’s easy and more convenient to stay at the comfort of your bed browsing through the phone and placing an order either through Facebook or any social media link you find on the net which may either direct you to a shopping site and it’s that easy to make a purchase.

Does the sentence best online fashion store exist? I will let you be the judge of it all after reading through this article. The best online fashion stores where we frequently buy our clothing are just not best for everyone. The best for you can become the worst for another consumer, hence our preference differs. Throughout this article, we are going to be making you take a decision on which best online fashion store you should easily trust and buy from as well as the pros and cons of the major companies making runs in the fashion industry. The list below are some of the most used online buying stores

1 Amazon

The name of this company shouldn’t be strange in the ears as it’s one of the most common and most popularly used online shopping e-commerce companies making rounds in almost every country in the world. Many of us if not everyone has purchased through this multinational company based in the United States Of America. It’s a large company with many thinking its the best for them with no counterfeit products and scam free. Tons of people scramble to get goods from amazon everyday. It may occur as a shock to you that in October 2016, amazon was involved in a counterfeit scandal advertising fake Apple products as genuine. 90% of the counterfeit were found and identified. Will you still say Amazon is the best online fashion store if you had been a victim of the fraud? Do you also know amazon doesn’t deliver it’s goods to every country? Well if you have been in most parts of the world, you will realize it is not that easy to place an order from amazon as some particular goods are said not to reach your destination. This is a set back for I see no reason a company limits its network in this diverse globe.

2 Walmart

To start with, Walmart is also an American multinational retail corporation with department stores and grocery stores. This corporation is by far bigger than amazon. Walmart is the largest company by revenue with the largest number of employees in the world. Though it doesn’t have all the perfect goods to satisfy all the fashion we need, it covers wild range countries with pseudo names which some people don’t even all refer to Walmart. An example of this can be seen in Japan where Walmart is referred to as Seiyu and in the United Kingdom it is referred to as Asda and the list continues. Surveys conducted over the years show that the best products you can buy from Walmart are Educational toys, Detergents, Baby Supplies, Cleaning Products, and Kleenex. If you are in search of products of this nature, I recommend you to click here and make your orders. I will recommend also that, Walmart is one of the few online fashion stores that has not had critics on fake products. They are involved in the sales of many items as well as electronics, shoes, jewelry and a lot more. The list above stipulates the best online deals you can have with Walmart.

3 Lazada

This is an Asian based e-commerce company in Asia with credibility of handling clients with out-most respect as they consider clients their priority. They are involved with all types of goods as they allow sellers to advertise goods on their website with an accurate specification of the goods and the brand. Shopping with Lazada is forward a reliable as they offer services such as cash on delivery with a strict return policy in case the item ordered didn’t meet your expectations. The company is owned by the Alibaba group and it is the leading e-commerce company in Asia with a head-quarter in Singapore. Apart from racial accusations, this company has registered little or no critics of scams and the hunt for cyber theft. Thanks to their cash on delivery method of payments which facilitates trust among consumers and sellers. It is one of the unique forearms of the Alibaba group which is scam-free and has a variety of products to choose from, be it the high fashion to second clothing, electronics, grocery and a lot more. Check here for their services and make a great and enjoy their cash on delivery method of service and stay away from fraudsters.

4 Shoppee

Another international online shopping store from Singapore with an e-commerce platform that has expanded to Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Brazil. This platform enables customers to buy and sell goods online like other shopping stores. It covers a range of products from fashion clothing to electronics and also has a wide range of beauty products and cosmetics. Like most Asian shopping sites, Shoppee provides cash on delivery which I recommend for users who prefer shopping using this platform. Take note that, Shoppee as of 2019 is under investigation by the department of trade and industry due to a wild scam alert that erupted in June. There is a lot to benefit from Shoppee but you have to be careful of theft. Reasons I recommend you request your goods to be paid on delivery so no don’t have to use your visa card or paying for goods which may not be delivered to you as spammers are all over the net waiting to defraud you off your hard earned money.

5 e-bay

It is an e-commerce company that facilitates consumer to consumer and business to business sales via its website. In as much as it is operational to more than 30 countries, it is free for buyers to list items on eBay but sellers are not allowed to list items as they are charged for an item listing. It originates from American like its counterpart amazon. They have a great deal of payment issues where consumers are mostly asked to pay for products before they could be delivered. These payments are done through visa cards which allows you to share your vital information with a third party. This is risky and sometimes, you can always be defrauded by these third parties. So many stores are in the market and you can’t know which one is the ideal one and which one is the fake one. Payments on delivery remain the most trustworthy method as this is the same as going to the market and paying for a good you are seeing and it is difficult to be duped.


In 2014, it revealed that the company consumed data based of consumers, password, phone numbers and even addresses had been breached. More details can be found on the company official website. It’s a call for concern if such a big company can reveal your data to the public, then it’s a call for concern not venture buying with your visa cards as it may lead to fraudsters using your information to frozen your bank account.

6 Alibaba and Aliexpress

These are just one of the same company with Alibaba beeing the head of Aliexpress. Aliexpress is a group of Alibaba with both companies having their head quarter in China. Alibaba is frequently associated with frudulent counterfeit items. The owners of Alibaba are always not real as they offer supplier membership to attest if a a member selling goods in its platform is genuine but yet there are a lot of complain where people have been defrauded from sellers with the gold state. My previous article was about the fraud in Aliexpress. Click here to read more.

7 Sephora.

Sephora is a French company which specializes in personal care with about 300 brands with private products as well.They are mostly concern cosmetics, hair products, lotions and a lot more. They have one of the best products as concern to personal care and also offer the cash on delivery method. If you looking on where to have the best personal products on online fashion stores, then Sephora is what you looking for.


We are at this platform recommend you buy your products when it concerns online fashion stores by paying on delivery. I guess you can now answer what stores are best for you? Please drop your thoughts on the comment section below and we are going to get 

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