become clothing designer/become clothes designer

become clothing designer/become clothes designer

Who is a designer?

A designer is an individual who attempts to design clothes which are functional and as well as aesthetically pleasing. To become a clothing designer, you have to consider who is likely to wear the garment and the situation in which the clothing you are designing is likely to be worn and also have to work within a range of materials, colors, styles, and patterns. He is responsible for creating the specific look of individual garments-including a garment’s shape, color, fabric, trimmings, and others.


What does a clothing designer do?

Clothing designers design clothes and fashion trends. They study trends and sketch the initial clothing. Clothing designers visit manufacturers to select fabric and trims that will be appealing to consumers and also go extra in using models to see how these designs will look on them and adjust them. Clothing designers may work in high fashion clothes or too high street-fashion. Clothing designers keep an eye on the street, travel to shows and read clothing magazines to spot trends and interpret specific colors.


Do I need education to become a clothing designer?

You are curious to know about this I guess. Before going directly to the answer, let’s take a look at the lives of some famous clothing designers with little or no education. The likes of someone like Karl Lagerfeld whom at the age of 14 made his decision with his parent’s approval for him to move to Paris. He submitted sketches and fabric samples to design competitions and ended up taking first place in the coat category. Thereafter he had a full-time work with French designer Pierre Balmain, first as a junior assistant, and later and later as an apprentice. What about Coco Chanel who worked apparel, raised by nuns who taught her how to sew. By the age of 18, she left school and never pursued higher education. At 20 she met two men who played an instrumental role in her venture to fashion. If you guess your answer to be NO, you might absolutely be correct. A host of famous designers didn’t actually study before venturing into the world of fashion clothing. Most of them did not attend a fashion school but did receive formal training in tailoring. Cristobal Balenciaga, Laura Ashley, and many others.

Education as a clothing designer

Like we said earlier, education isn’t really needed. There are thousands of designers without a college degree. The pros of having a degree are about gaining employment and having a salary. Mixing with others as well can increase your skills which you may not be able to develop on your own. It is reported that many agencies and businesses request degrees, diplomas, and certifications from qualified job applicants. The rate of employment to those with certifications is higher than those who lack degrees.

Freelance clothing designer/without education

This is a creative/talented individual who can earn a good living working for his/herself. The choice of whether or not to work for an agency, a business, a government/nonprofit organization depends on his skills, interests family needs and several other reasons. These individuals do not have a college degree to be successful. Education shouldn’t limit you from your creativity and talent. Important characteristics of a clothing designer are to be creative and artistic, strong drawing skills, good eye for details and to be able to understand color, texture, and fabrics. With this, you are set and the sky is your limit.

How to become a clothing designer

 If you’ve spent your formative years watching “Project Runway,” reading Vogue magazine and visiting fashion shows or blogs, you’re likely developing a desire to follow in the footsteps of fashion icons like Versace. Many boys and girls dream of becoming clothing designers. Well, this list reviews the top five skills needed to become a clothing designer.

1 Highly Creative & Artistic

Are you known for being artistic? Do you have a unique sense of personal style or appreciate the fine arts, music, and dance? An innate sense of creativity is extremely important in the fashion world. Together, artistry and imagination can give you the instincts necessary to turn raw materials into a beautiful finished product.

2 Strong Drawing Skills

Do you like to draw? If so, that’s good news because you’re going to need this skill as you pursue being a clothing designer. Strong drawing skills are a must in fashion, as designers need to be able to take a concept and get it down on paper.


3 Good Eye for Detail

Clothing designers need not only the ability to draw but also a good eye for detail. For instance, how do you imagine the folds falling on a skirt or a blouse cinching at the waist? It is often the detail that makes a product unique, so this skill cannot be overlooked, even if you’re great at visualizing and drawing.

4 Understanding Texture, Color, and Fabric

Clothing designing requires a good sense of texture, color, and fabric. For example, you’ll need to know whether a garment would work best in silk chiffon or another material. You’ll also need to know which combinations of colors will be most flattering on a piece of clothing. It is these differences that make a design stand out. This uniqueness attracts consumers and business gurus.

5 Strong Visualization Skills

Before the drawing phase, a good clothing designer must have strong visualization skills. This enables her to translate ideas onto paper so that her colleagues have a sense of the look she’s aiming for as they work towards a finished product. Putting it in drawing explains better than talking. As the saying goes, action speaks louder than words.

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