outdoor clothing brands

outdoor clothing brands

Ones upon a time there where no clothing and human lived using the fur of animals to cover the body. The increased intelligence allowed them to utilize animal furs and expand into colder areas without selection pressure and evolution having to work towards thicker fur again. It’s hypothesized that humans didn’t spread into colder climates until after clothing was invented. We know that humans have always had fire, which would keep away the cold in more harsh environments within Africa.

Clothing are not a necessity for everyone, SO WHY DO WE BOTHER WEARING CLOTHES AT ALL?

There are several reasons why as human we need clothes as we go outdoor in different climatic conditions. Different outdoor clothing brands have been invented to deal away with different climatic conditions. The top 10 outdoor clothing brands of all time goes thus;


The top of our list is the giant Vancouver Bristish Colombia high-end clothing and sport goods. This company is the leading producer and sole owner of the best outdoor products associated with climbing, skiing, snowboarding, backpacking and hiking related activities. Products from this giant company are so far the best when it comes to outdoor clothing brands. They are affordable and available on almost every online shop. Check out this recommendation here.


Second on our list which is also my most treasured outdoor clothing brand is the Cotopaxi. It’s inspirational as this  name originates from one of the highest summits in the world and second highest in Ecuador. The creative nature of the company gives a call for concern into how they incorporated and formed a name like this. They are far a favorite clothing brand as they are not concern only in profit making. This company offer generous donation of money to good causes. I personally treasure and consume most of their products as it is a form of given to others at the same time since a % of their earning is given to charity. You can consume their products with ease knowing you are also donating to the welfare of others.


Located in the head of the Wasatch Mountain of North of Utah is this committed brand creating durable, comfortable and stylish outdoor clothing brands. They got one of the best outdoor clothing brand for women to used from trails to the bar and restaurants. They got innovative materials in Kuhl pants and also have perfect shirts which are good in travelling. This brand is number three in our list as their stylish mountain apparel are so comfortable for outdoor movement, low to maintain, technical , flexible and very comfortable. No doubt most of our famous people prefer this outfit during outdoor events. Thanks for the luxury of comfortable, durable and easy to maintain factor.

4. The North Face

Another top brand for outdoor clothing which this platform recommend for you. If you are a frequent outdoor lover, then you must seen many travelers wearing this brand which can be worn in any season. This brand is great, moderately priced together with its wonderful quality as well. It is obvious and suitable brand for your outdoor clothing options. Graced with both ladies and men wear ranging from pants to yoga are all inclusive in this company outdoor brand. Go check yours and enjoy one of the most famous outdoor brand of all time.

5. Kathmandu

Another powerful and strong brand is the Kathmandu originally from the New-Zealand and it’s routes extended to Australia. They are the leading retailers of sport clothing, equipment for travel and adventures in the New-Zealand and Australia. They are a force to unite with when it come to outdoor clothing brand as they produce a wide range of products ranging from, jackets, sleeping wears, bags, shoes and a lot more. Every outdoor clothing brand you could possibly need for your outdoor activities can be gotten from this brand as they manufacture a lot of products with most of it original clothing range in New-Zealand. They are unique and their prices are moderate and affordable. You need this brand for your outdoor activity be it sight seeing, hiking, camping and the rest of your outdoor activities.

6. Barbour

Difficult to talk about outdoor clothing brands without mentioning the most famous J.Barbour and son’s limited. Barbour is based in England with it’s luxury lifestyle in the manufacture of outdoor clothing made of waxed cotton.They manufacture clothing, foot-wears and accessories for men, women and children. This company is so unique in producing waxed cotton jackets for outdoor to an extend where people refer to every cotton jacket as a Barbour jacket. Barbour also manufactures waterproof jackets and also has a record of supplying the Queen of England, Prince of Wales with waterproof jackets and a host of other royalties. They are a leading and most sophisticated jacket brand in England.






Fenty Beauty is a well known cosmetic brand that was officially launched in September 2017 by the famous singer Rihanna. The brand products are inclusive of all skin tones and genders, especially it’s Pro Filt’R Foundation. So far Fenty beauty foundation has more than 40 shades and that offers a wide range for all skin colors. Fenty beauty foundation gives skin an instantly smooth, pore-diffused, shine-free finish that easily builds to medium to full coverage. The oil-free formula is made with climate-adaptive technology that’s resistant to sweat and humidity and won’t clog pores which makes it suitable for all skin types. The Fenty foundation has this long-wearing, light-as-air texture that is undetectable on the skin so you always look like you.

Today I will review 10 shades of the Fenty foundation.


 SHADE 498

This shade is elaborated by the as the shade for very rich deep dark skin with neutral undertones. It’s in the Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation range, which is a liquid foundation with a matte finish and medium coverage.



This shade is described by the brand as the shade for very deep skin with cool undertones. Its recommended for deepest dark skin tones with pink, moderate pink undertones. It is also in the pro filt’r soft matte long-wear foundation range.



This shade is also known as warm golden olive and is suitable for deep skin with warm olive undertones



This shade is neutral for tan to deep skin with neutral undertones. Its a shade in the pro filt’r soft matte long-wear foundation.



This shade is for tan skin with warm olive undertones. It’s a shade in the pro filt’r matte long-wear foundation range and its recommended for brown-skinned people with dark circle prone eyes.



This shade is for medium skin with warm peach undertones.



This shade is for medium skin with warm undertones. It’s a liquid foundation with a matte finish and medium coverage.



This shade is for light to medium skin with neutral undertones. It’s has a matte finish and medium coverage.  



This shade is described by the brand as a shade for light skin with warm olive undertones. It’s a shade in the pro filt’r soft matte long-wear foundation range.



This shade is for very fair skin with warm yellow undertones.




People used to see the foundation as just a way of improving your appearance and maybe to also hide your flaws like acne, wrinkles or blemishes. However, there are many benefits of wearing foundation other than enhancing your looks for example,

Skin protection from pollution. This simply means that a foundation covers your face from direct contact with pollutants especially for people who live in the urban areas where we tend to have many industries, therefore, exposing your face to greater amounts of pollutants. It’s not possible to wear dresses that cover your face especially if it’s not for religious purposes like the Muslims so wearing a foundation helps in one way or another.

Anti-aging agents. Most foundations contain anti-aging ingredients. Some days we get exposed to so much sunlight which can result in hyperpigmentation, sagging of the skin, fine lines and wrinkles that tend to make us look older. When you apply a foundation before going out its helps to fight such conditions.



Fenty beauty brand is one of the few brands that produce a foundation for all skin types and colors. They also have concealers for each foundation color making it easier for you when buying and also when applying to end up with perfect finish. 



The foundation is available on many online shops like Sephora, Amazon, Ali-express, Lazada, Shopee among others. Most of the shops offer fast delivery and also cash on delivery option for some locations.



Fenty beauty foundation has positive reviews from all their buyers and I would highly recommend it since it’s among the brands that I use for my make-up products. They also have a wide range of shades therefore it’s almost impossible not to get one that matches your skin tone.


 That’s all I have for you today, please feel free to leave a comment related to Fenty beauty foundation if you have any experience with it or wish to try it as well.




Best body lotion for all skin type/Jergens


We all apply lotion or oil on our bodies at least once or twice a day. The lotions
and oils are meant to keep our skin looking nice, moisturized and glowing. Let’s
get deeper into understanding what a body lotion is and what a body oil is.
The lotion is a thick, smooth liquid preparation designed to be applied to the skin for
medicinal or cosmetic purposes. Some lotions contain antibiotics, antiseptics,
antifungals, corticosteroids, anti-acne agents, soothing agents, moisturizing or                               
protective agents.
Body oil is a smooth, thick and highly concentrated liquid that is usually clear in
color and it enhances the appearance and quality of the skin. Most body oils are
organic, free from chemicals and extracted from roots, fruits, flowers, and
leaves. Body oils are made of oils alone, without the water component. They do
not need emulsifiers. They do not need preservatives although they should
contain antioxidants, like vitamin E or rosemary extract, to prevent rancidity and
increase shelf life.


Re-hydrating dry skin: a good quality body lotion seals moisture deep in the skin
and keeps it hydrated and supple.
Good smell and feeling: most body lotions have a different scent and therefore
you have a chance to choose the best that suits you. People usually have different
opinions when it comes to scents.
Softening rough parts of your body: some body parts can become so rough
especially areas that require shaving from time to time but a body lotion can help
too moist and supple the area of your skin that is rough.


Easy for the skin to absorb: most natural oils are easily absorbed by the skin, does not
clog pores and it’s suitable for all skin types.
Skin balance: oils are a solution that is natural and packed with vitamins and
nutrients that have an amazing ability to balance an imbalanced skin.
Economical: a little goes a very long way. Just a little drop of oil can be rubbed on
a large surface of your body and still give good results. Oils are also relatively


Body lotions tend to have higher water content so they’re generally lighter in
texture and more easily absorbed. However, because of the high water content,
lotions aren’t as long-lasting as oils or body butter. Where else body oils are
generally not water-based.
Body Lotions are designed to penetrate the skin. Once absorbed, the active
ingredients work to soothe, hydrate and rejuvenate the upper layers of your skin.
Body Oils, on the other hand, primarily nourishes your skin's outer protective
barrier. They do an excellent job of preventing moisture from leaving your skin.


Jergens body lotions

1. Jergens Ultra Healing Lotion: Suitable for dry skin. Nourishing To moisturize the
skin from important nutrients for you to feel the power of pure vitamins C, E and
B5 the lotion is ready to nourish and moisturize the skin. The moisturizer
penetrates in for maintenance of the skin, retain moisture within the skin for
correcting dry skin problems on the spot and to prevent the occurrence of dry
skin conditions again. Also, preserve the skin for long-lasting moisture.
2. Jergens Skin Firming Toning Moisturizer: Focus on rejuvenating stretched
Skin). The Ingredients formula reduces wrinkles and makes the skin smooth.
3. Jergens Age Defying Multi-Vitamin Skin Lotion: Works on revitalizing the skin
that began to show signs of aging. Preserving beautiful looking skin to look clear
and Increase the efficiency of moisture storage of the skin.
4. Jergens Overnight Repair Nightly Restoring Moisturizer Lotion: This lotion is
for nourishing and rejuvenating the skin. To restore the bright Smooth and moist.
It contains antioxidants and Evening Primrose to revitalize dry and damaged skin
during the night of relaxation.
5. Jergens Hydrating coconut: (suitable for dry skin) consisting of coconut Oil and
ultra-hydrating properties of Coconut Water to give your skin a long-lasting
6. Jergens Soothing Aloe Formula: enriched with Cucumber Extract and Pure
Aloe Vera combined with HYDRALUCENCE technology for bright looking skin.
Restores natural moisture to the skin, gives a fresh feeling and helps to relax the
dryness on the skin. For the texture to be absorbed quickly Vest keeps the skin
moist for a long time Suitable for normal to dry skin.

7. Jergens Shea Butter Deep Conditioning: This lotion is suitable for dry, dull skin.
It has a rich texture but absorbs quickly, not sticky combining HYDRALUCENCE
technology for clear skin for skin that needs special care.
8. Jergens Daily Moisturizer Lotion: Contains Silk Proteins and Citrus Extracts to
nourish dry, rough skin Restores smoothness and softness to the skin Protect the
skin to look smooth. Along with helping to preserve the skin for long-lasting
moisture Suitable for dry skin.
Where to get this lotion easily:
You can get any of the Jergens body lotions in Lazada. I recommend Lazada online
shopping because they offer a wide variety of products, fast delivery and also
offer cash on delivery.

Choosing the best option:
The most important factor that should influence your final decision is your skin.
Take a few minutes to assess what level of hydration and nourishment your body needs.

Thanks so much for trusting our platform. If you have anything to add on this topic, our comment section is open and we are sure to reply to every comment.

best online fashion stores

There is no denying the fact that most people in different parts of the world are using online fashion stores to update their wardrobe. When last did you go to the market to make a purchase? Your guess is good as mine. It’s easy and more convenient to stay at the comfort of your bed browsing through the phone and placing an order either through Facebook or any social media link you find on the net which may either direct you to a shopping site and it’s that easy to make a purchase.

Does the sentence best online fashion store exist? I will let you be the judge of it all after reading through this article. The best online fashion stores where we frequently buy our clothing are just not best for everyone. The best for you can become the worst for another consumer, hence our preference differs. Throughout this article, we are going to be making you take a decision on which best online fashion store you should easily trust and buy from as well as the pros and cons of the major companies making runs in the fashion industry. The list below are some of the most used online buying stores

1 Amazon

The name of this company shouldn’t be strange in the ears as it’s one of the most common and most popularly used online shopping e-commerce companies making rounds in almost every country in the world. Many of us if not everyone has purchased through this multinational company based in the United States Of America. It’s a large company with many thinking its the best for them with no counterfeit products and scam free. Tons of people scramble to get goods from amazon everyday. It may occur as a shock to you that in October 2016, amazon was involved in a counterfeit scandal advertising fake Apple products as genuine. 90% of the counterfeit were found and identified. Will you still say Amazon is the best online fashion store if you had been a victim of the fraud? Do you also know amazon doesn’t deliver it’s goods to every country? Well if you have been in most parts of the world, you will realize it is not that easy to place an order from amazon as some particular goods are said not to reach your destination. This is a set back for I see no reason a company limits its network in this diverse globe.

2 Walmart

To start with, Walmart is also an American multinational retail corporation with department stores and grocery stores. This corporation is by far bigger than amazon. Walmart is the largest company by revenue with the largest number of employees in the world. Though it doesn’t have all the perfect goods to satisfy all the fashion we need, it covers wild range countries with pseudo names which some people don’t even all refer to Walmart. An example of this can be seen in Japan where Walmart is referred to as Seiyu and in the United Kingdom it is referred to as Asda and the list continues. Surveys conducted over the years show that the best products you can buy from Walmart are Educational toys, Detergents, Baby Supplies, Cleaning Products, and Kleenex. If you are in search of products of this nature, I recommend you to click here and make your orders. I will recommend also that, Walmart is one of the few online fashion stores that has not had critics on fake products. They are involved in the sales of many items as well as electronics, shoes, jewelry and a lot more. The list above stipulates the best online deals you can have with Walmart.

3 Lazada

This is an Asian based e-commerce company in Asia with credibility of handling clients with out-most respect as they consider clients their priority. They are involved with all types of goods as they allow sellers to advertise goods on their website with an accurate specification of the goods and the brand. Shopping with Lazada is forward a reliable as they offer services such as cash on delivery with a strict return policy in case the item ordered didn’t meet your expectations. The company is owned by the Alibaba group and it is the leading e-commerce company in Asia with a head-quarter in Singapore. Apart from racial accusations, this company has registered little or no critics of scams and the hunt for cyber theft. Thanks to their cash on delivery method of payments which facilitates trust among consumers and sellers. It is one of the unique forearms of the Alibaba group which is scam-free and has a variety of products to choose from, be it the high fashion to second clothing, electronics, grocery and a lot more. Check here for their services and make a great and enjoy their cash on delivery method of service and stay away from fraudsters.

4 Shoppee

Another international online shopping store from Singapore with an e-commerce platform that has expanded to Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Brazil. This platform enables customers to buy and sell goods online like other shopping stores. It covers a range of products from fashion clothing to electronics and also has a wide range of beauty products and cosmetics. Like most Asian shopping sites, Shoppee provides cash on delivery which I recommend for users who prefer shopping using this platform. Take note that, Shoppee as of 2019 is under investigation by the department of trade and industry due to a wild scam alert that erupted in June. There is a lot to benefit from Shoppee but you have to be careful of theft. Reasons I recommend you request your goods to be paid on delivery so no don’t have to use your visa card or paying for goods which may not be delivered to you as spammers are all over the net waiting to defraud you off your hard earned money.

5 e-bay

It is an e-commerce company that facilitates consumer to consumer and business to business sales via its website. In as much as it is operational to more than 30 countries, it is free for buyers to list items on eBay but sellers are not allowed to list items as they are charged for an item listing. It originates from American like its counterpart amazon. They have a great deal of payment issues where consumers are mostly asked to pay for products before they could be delivered. These payments are done through visa cards which allows you to share your vital information with a third party. This is risky and sometimes, you can always be defrauded by these third parties. So many stores are in the market and you can’t know which one is the ideal one and which one is the fake one. Payments on delivery remain the most trustworthy method as this is the same as going to the market and paying for a good you are seeing and it is difficult to be duped.


In 2014, it revealed that the company consumed data based of consumers, password, phone numbers and even addresses had been breached. More details can be found on the company official website. It’s a call for concern if such a big company can reveal your data to the public, then it’s a call for concern not venture buying with your visa cards as it may lead to fraudsters using your information to frozen your bank account.

6 Alibaba and Aliexpress

These are just one of the same company with Alibaba beeing the head of Aliexpress. Aliexpress is a group of Alibaba with both companies having their head quarter in China. Alibaba is frequently associated with frudulent counterfeit items. The owners of Alibaba are always not real as they offer supplier membership to attest if a a member selling goods in its platform is genuine but yet there are a lot of complain where people have been defrauded from sellers with the gold state. My previous article was about the fraud in Aliexpress. Click here to read more.

7 Sephora.

Sephora is a French company which specializes in personal care with about 300 brands with private products as well.They are mostly concern cosmetics, hair products, lotions and a lot more. They have one of the best products as concern to personal care and also offer the cash on delivery method. If you looking on where to have the best personal products on online fashion stores, then Sephora is what you looking for.


We are at this platform recommend you buy your products when it concerns online fashion stores by paying on delivery. I guess you can now answer what stores are best for you? Please drop your thoughts on the comment section below and we are going to get 

aliexpress.com scam-be scam free

Is Aliexpress scam? Well before we dive into this, I would like us to talk more about this company and what their services are. Aliexpress is an online shopping platform with it’s headquarter in China.

What do they do?

Aliexpress is an online retail service located in china. It is own by the Alibaba group which is also based in China. They are involved in retail sales of a variety of goods and services. Aliexpress..com has been one of the most famous leading companies in Asia, thanks to the Alibaba holdings which incorporate its services to its existence.

Are you a lover of Aliexpress online retail? If yes then you need to read this to be careful how you involve your hard earn money shopping with Aliexpress.com and be scam-free. Ohh yes scam free is the word. I am sure we all shop online be it clothing, apparel, electronics and a lot. Imagine seeing a nice TV set to buy on an Aliexpress.com website and after paying for it with your card sitting at the comfort of your bedroom waiting patiently for it to be delivered. 

Aww, I know the anxiety of having a new pair of sneakers to be delivered to me after placing an order. I’m sure you reading this also feel almost like me if not the same.

aliexpress.com scam

There is a company in real life as Aliexpress located in china involved in online retail. The point here is, why does Aliexpress refuse cash on delivery for their services? Your guess is as good as mine. Now, remember what the bank say’s after issuing you an Visa card? It’s a personal financial document containing all your information. Sharing this vital information to a third party is always a risk you are not supposed to take.

There are several complaints over the years where people pay for goods from Aliexpress and they never get the goods they paid for and whenever they try contacting Aliexpress, promises are made to investigate or trace your financial loss but you never get the goods at the end nor a refund.


Aliexpress has been compromised with several third parties using the internet and hiding under the banner of Aliexpress.com to advertise fake goods that do not exist. The Aliexpress logo is not unique making it difficult to differentiate the real aliexpress.com and the fake Aliexpress. This where the scam takes place.

Now, Aliexpress.com always asks your card information and you are billed with the information from your visa card and most often this information is stored and monitored. After the first payments to this third party, this information can always be used to withdraw money from your account without you placing an order. It is not always easy shopping online with Aliexpress.com as there so many people using Aliexpress to exploit you and take the money from you and then take to their hills. These people are smart and some of them are so patient. 

How scam Aliexpress.com operates

Do you remember the first time you paid for goods with Aliexpress using your visa card? The information you gave had your account details. One might be tempted to say Aliexpress works with scammers to exploit customers off their money because most often, the locations of these suppliers are always in China. After making the first purchase, what happens is, an insignificant amount of money starts varnishing from your account, reasons I say they are smart and patient.

These scammers start withdrawing money from your account each month without you noticing. I called them smart, you know why? They withdraw little amounts which they know you won’t be consistent in checking and you won’t notice easily. For instance, let’s say you have 58367$ in your account and 3$ insignificantly as I said is withdrawn using the information you provided. Be honest to yourself and answer this, how many times have you checked if you lose a dollar from your account?


Remember, thousands of people buy with Aliexpress.com but let us assume 3$ each is removed from 300 accounts in a single month. Let us do the mathematics together. 3$ x 300 acc = 900$.900$ x 12 months =10.800$. The fake goods seller gets your information and still get money out of you every month without your knowledge since these are minor sums of money. You make him rich for doing nothing.

How to escape Aliexpress scam

Significantly, Aliexpress.com isn’t the only shopping market in Asia. There are tons of online markets with high-quality goods. Some of these markets give chances for you to pay with cash on delivery. Lazada is an example of such a market, Sephora and a lot more. Companies like Lazada gives you choices of payments in which you can choose from without risking your savings.


  1. Buy goods from companies you can be able to pay with cash on delivery.
  2. Research before doing any purchase from Aliexpress.com to avoid the fake Aliexpresss
  3. Investigate when the advertiser opened the store with Aliexpress before exposing your information.
  4. Read the privacy policy of the store
  5. Star rating and review with feedbacks.

I hope this will set you free from the scam existing in the online shopping market. You are unique and you deserve the best. As an individual, I will rather shop with payments on delivery than expose my account details to anything online since many of these sites like the Aliexpress.com payment sections are not secured.

Please let me know what you think in the comment section below. If you want to buy with cash on delivery and free shipping cost, click here.

Best regards

best wrinkle serum-vitamin c serum

  • Product: Retinol serum
  • Price:$10.95
  • Best place to buy: amazon
  • Size: 2fl 0z/60ml
  • Rating:  4.799


Are you suffering from acne, wrinkle, aging, skin disease or order skin discomfort? Worry not because we got naturally made flawless serum to make your skin younger perfect and brighten the body like no other serum does. The best wrinkle free serum provide extensive clean and clear body from excess heat, sun burn and give your body and face a clear and bright color. It is naturally made from nature and can be used with all type of skin. Best wrinkle serum can also be used in order to keep on that smooth baby face look and friendly smile and it makes you look younger and perfect.


How it works

DOUBLE SIZE CLINICAL STRENGTH RETINOL, our Clinical Strength Retinol Serum helps turn back the clock of aging, helping to give you smooth, refreshed skin the moment you use it. Our 72% Organic Retinol Serum helps counter the effects of aging and give your skin a youthful shine while making it feel soft and rejuvenated. Your face will not only feel moisturized and refreshed, but it will look vibrant as our Anti Wrinkle Serum begins to take effect.

Why it is the best

OVER 700 CLINICAL STUDIES show Retinol’s significant effects when applied consistently. Retinol is one of the most well-known ingredients on the market today, and skin-care experts agree that it is incredible at helping skin look and feel more youthful as you age. THIS SERUM IS POWERFUL, so please allow your skin to adjust to its effects. It is non-greasy, goes on smoothly, and leaves no residue. See our customer reviews for proof! Example from the many reviews we get.

Customer Review

I’ve seen some of the bad reviews on here about this product. One being the company asked for a glowing review of their product. I can tell you that I have not been approached or even asked to leave a review. It is all me and my experience alone.I seriously wish I had taken before pictures. I am 41 years old and up until this last year I had zero problems with looking way younger than my true age. I was nowhere near self conscious about my appearance. But this last year something happened. And I started to look old-ish. It was depressing. Mainly around my eyes. And I tried everything. But still the skin around my eyes remained dry with pronounced wrinkles. And the lines were so pronounced no matter what I tried. I bought this serum a while back. It was cheap and had good reviews. But tbh I used it like maybe a couple times before it ended up at the back of my nightstand drawer with all the other products I bought and hardly used. For some reason I saw it in there and decided to just give it a go. I’m not joking. Immediately it was like the lines disappeared. I honestly could not believe it!!! I didn’t go straight to a mirror afterwards hoping to produce a miracle. I was brushing my teeth getting ready for bed and looked in the mirror like wtf!?!? Where’d they(my lines) go? Figured it was a one off. But it isn’t. I came back here to order a few bottles more because I don’t want to run out. Such a drastic difference!!! No bs I swear! I know there is no such thing as a miracle product. But darn it. This serum comes real close!! I’d like if it will work for you. But it did for me what the most expensive products I could buy didn’t do. And I most definitely will continue to use this serum.

Importance of this serum

10% PURE VEGAN HYALURONIC ACID replenishes nourishing moisture to your skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and causing your skin to feel healthier and look younger. When combined with Vitamin E, Witch Hazel, Jojoba Oil, Green Tea, and our many other incredibly powerful ingredients, our Retinol Serum becomes a true skincare powerhouse. Our 72% organic formulation helps nourish and smooth skin while helping it look and feel younger. Your skin is our priority, period.

Our services

AMAZING SKINCARE – You will be hard-set to find the high quality ingredients in our products for even close to our value. We believe fantastic skin-care should be available to anyone, and it is our mission to ensure that you get top quality products and value, as well as the best customer care available. Contact us anytime through Amazon for assistance.

Waste no money on unnatural products

WHY WASTE TIME AND MONEY with unnatural ingredients when you have the opportunity to try our fantastic product, which offers the same quality skincare at incredibly affordable value? You are not merely buying an amazing facial product, but fantastic customer service with unbeatable value. You have amazingly beautiful skin to look forward to, so click the “Add to Cart” button at the top right corner of the screen right away. Hurry up, our products go quickly!

How to use this

STEP 1 – Apply to clean skin once every 2-3 days to allow skin time to acclimate (once skin acclimates, Retinol may be used more often if skin can tolerate it). Irritation can occur if this is not followed,

STEP 2 – Only a few drops are needed as our Retinol Serum is powerful,

STEP 3 – Wait about 5 minutes to allow full absorption into skin before applying makeup or other products.

STEP 4 – Allow 30-60 days for full effects.

Safety warning

Avoid direct contact with eyes. Discontinue use if redness or irritation develops. Allow at least 30 60 days for product to reach full effectiveness.

Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

Best regards.


Shop and get paid-Make money from fashion blog/designer

Hello everyone, I am Jeff Euro. I am the co-founder of new fashion clothing.com and BWJ Boutique. This business was founded by my fiancee and I. We provide necessary content to readers for them to know more about the fashion world and what is trending at each point in time. Our articles are based on real-life events, fashion sales, models and how to make money as well in the fashion industry. That’s the most interesting part of our topic today. Did you know each time you make an order from a shop or buy a designer fashion dress, the seller gets commission out of you?

                BWJ deals              bwj

Fashion clothing is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. My previous article was about breaking up with fast fashion clothing and now I am more than ready to expose you to the fashion world and how you can benefit from it. It’s that simple and I am going to tell you how.

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Jeff Euro

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Muslim clothing for women-Stylish Islamic clothing

                                                      SINCE THE EARLY DAYS

The world of fashion constantly witnesses something new over time. A new term has been coined in the history of fashion, and from the looks of it, it is here to stay! The term is Muslim fashion. Islamic clergy movement insisted its men and women to dress modestly and religiously. But during the 1980s and 1990s, as the movement started getting amalgamate, the covered styles of dressing began to transform into more fashionable styles. This led to the mintage of a new term Islamic or Muslim fashion in the global fashion industry. Turkey was one of the first to enter this market. During the 1990s, fashion shows displaying this trend started getting popular all over the world (instead of being limited to a few Asian countries), and today this concept is acknowledged all over the world.

Aisha                            Team Aisha

                                             MIXTURE OF FAITH AND FASHION

It is a fusion of faith and fashion. Today, one can find dresses such as Burqas (fully covered clothes with only a mesh screen before the eyes as opening), Hijabs (a scarf that leaves the face uncovered), and Niqabs (face veils that leave a slight opening near the eyes), and fashionable clothes for Muslim men like designer Pathanis (a knee length top with loose bottom wear), Bisht (Arabic cloak), and Kufis (rounded cap) in the market. They don’t only comply with the rules of Islamic dressing, but also provide a style statement to the wearer. These fashionable outfits are especially in demand with the Muslims residing in western countries, who also want to look trendy along with religious. These outfits are available in various designs and colors, and made of alluring materials to add to the charm of the wearer.

Muslim women can be seen in traditional wears such as Burqas, Paranjas, Chadors, and Abayas. All of these clothing varieties are just slightly different to each other. They are loose fitted clothes that cover their entire body. Those out of these, that do not cover the head, require a veil to be worn in addition. Indonesian and Pakistani women are normally seen in Tudongs and Dupattas respectively. Tudongs are fully covered clothes that leave the face open. They are a formal wear for women in Indonesia. Pakistani women wear long scarves called dupattas (without any color restrictions) along with Salwar Kameez. The most popular of all Muslim men’s clothing is the Thawb a long robe that is up to the ankle-length, worn in Iraq and the Gulf countries. Men in Arab countries can also be seen wearing a Bisht on top of the Thawb. It is accompanied by a head wear called Igal.

Male Muslim

There is a special attachment in the mind of the wearer with regards to these outfits. Though they have invoked controversies in other parts of the world, but their demand has not reduced in the world market. In fact, Muslim men and women now have various choices available with them. Recent surveys indicate that the demand for Islamic clothes keeps rising by 20 percent every year on an average. The market for Islamic clothing is huge in Asia, with about $58 billion. Indonesia, followed by Malaysia, exports the most number of Muslim clothes in the world. Other textile giants are also looking forward to make their mark in the Islamic clothing exports industry owing to its increasing demand in the world market. Thailand has not been left behind with almost all of the Southern part of Thailand is crowded with Muslims who can be seen always in the markets of Bangkok.


Abayas and Chadors have attained world-wide attention. Fashion designers all over the world have modified their traditional look and made it a fashionable outfit. High fashion that Muslim women can access comprise of a combination of short sleeved robe and full sleeved jacket designed by Muslim and Non-Muslim designers, paired with a headscarf. They enhance the glamour quotient of an Islamic woman and still retain the ‘modest’ element in the outfit. This is, especially, popular among the rich and elite Muslim women in western and gulf countries that need to abide by Islamic laws of dressing and can also afford luxury at the same time. The Muslim fashion industry is estimated to be worth $96 billion as of today, and it’s continuously growing .

Muslim community

Islamic fashion is not just limited to a Muslim dominated country or region, but is prevalent all over the world. There are a number of Muslim fashion designers who have left a finger print in the global fashion industry. Iman Aldebe, Hikmat Saleh, and Jenahara Nasution are some of the most renowned names in the fashion industry whose creations have been worn by celebrities and notables. Some of these designers had a traditional upbringing and went to western countries for studies. This gave them an exposure of both the cultures, which helped them to create designs which were in agreement to their religious laws and also appealing to the Non-Muslim eye. Up coming designers from Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, UAE, Morocco, Indonosia and Jordan are bringing this fashion into the mainstream. Affluence designer apparels of this type are also becoming popular, especially in the gulf countries.


                                                MODERN LIFE  MUSLIMS

Haute couture dresses can be availed for Muslim men and women. These dresses are in accordance with the religious laws which gives the wearer a glamorous look. As before, Islamic fashion designers have moved away from, reserved colors, other lighter colors in order to design a Hijab wear. Lace and other such details are also used in designing Hijab wear which gives the piece of clothing an stylish and attractive looks. Needlepoint of different types are made on the traditional wear to make it beautiful and attractive.Neckband and body of different types are in trend at the moment. There are Hijabs available for different occasions including sportswear for  Muslim women and swimwear  for Muslim women swimmers.


Fashionable Hijabs are popular all over the world. Owing to their increasing popularity, Other religious are also giving it a try. The Muslim fashion industry is estimated to be worth around $254 billion in the market.The Muslims residing in the European countries have added their desire and purchasing power into the Muslim clothing.. Even other religious, being fashionistas, are willing to experiment with different types of fashion. Muslim women from Middle-east Asia are the biggest consumers of Hijab wear. Arabic women are willing to spend any amount of money to stay in trend. This fashion is no longer limited to designers and boutiques. Luxury brands like Fendi and Gucci are also coming up with head scarves for Muslim women.  London and Paris are expected to become the luxury couture capital of the world in the years ahead.


                                  JAKARTA ANNUAL SHOW

Statistics shows that, Indonesia is the biggest exporter of Muslim fashion wear in the world as of now, and it is preparing itself to become the Muslim fashion hub of the world in the years ahead. In fact, the Indonesian government wants the nation to become Asia’s center for Muslim fashion by the year 2018 and the world’s Muslim fashion leader by 2020. Muslim clothes are also envisaged to become a key export product. Currently, Indonesia’s Muslim fashion exports are still rather insignificant. Jakarta hosts an Islamic Fashion Fair every year, where  it’s exquisite designer Muslim fashion clothing by big names of the industry is displayed. This event is considered one of the best that the Islamic fashion industry has to offer to the global fashion industry.   A huge area of the malls in Middle-east are occupied by traditional Islamic fashion wear sellers, and they make good profit out of the limited clothing choices they provide to consumers.



                              EVOLUTION OF ISLAMIC FASHION

I will say there is more to fashion  than good looks and confidence. Such modifications to the attire will not only enable the Islamic men and women feel more confident of their looks, but will also help the world notice the new, fresh look of Islamic fashion. Fashion has the prospects to change many things in the world. Islamic fashion may help to change the outlook of the world towards Hijab and its consumers and promoters. It may glimmer a circle in the world and not the fashion industry alone. There is much prospects in the attire, and it can bring changes that may change lifestyles and thinking.

Our comment section is always available if you have anything to share with us concerning the Muslim attire.

Thanks for reading.


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The life in fashion-3 steps to own a logo

Before diving into the 3 steps , I love to ask this? What is a Logo?

 A logo identifies a business in its simplest form via the use of a mark or iconI hope this definition is simple and clear for you to understand how important it is owning yours. Without wasting much time, let’s go straight to these simple steps;

How do I know which element should should I start out with?

To answer this question you need to ask yourself “what is my business all about?” Are you focused  on sportswear and fighting your way through a crowd of competition to make the most of your sales during the summer season? Are you stuck in the process of re-branding Or perhaps you are just starting your fashion adventure and have designed a few successful lines of clothing for teenagers?

The points below contains various examples for different types of fashion business branches. Take what you need and learn more about logo creation process.

Typeface : ( A set of character’s of the same design; letter’s numbers, punctuation marks and symbols inclusive)

If you’re wondering why we’re starting with the typeface, take a look at the most effective fashion logos, you will notice that most of them rely mostly on letters and characters. The reasons are straightforward – they are easily readable, they look good in different color palettes and can be arranged into monograms.

High-end and street-wear fashion

 Online magazine SLAMXHYPE  in 2014 conducted an investigation into fonts and color schemes used in the logos of well-known street-wear labels and high-end fashion houses. the result of their research proved all designers use pretty much the same fonts families.

The evidence shows Helvetica and Futura are favored typeface in both street-wear and high fashion logos, though outlier brand 40 ozNYC went rogue with Olde English. The preference for Helvetica and Futura is all over the industry and with a good reason because they are clean and readable.

Example of a  traditional high-fashion logo, very clear and can even be stitched on a bag or a jacket.

This doesn’t mean you should stick to the traditional fonts for your high-end lines of clothes. Focusing on traditional fonts only comes with some problems as well.

Firstly, they are over-used and associated with multinational brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Gucci, Nike.This means that, relying on Helvetica or Futura could undermine your position in the market.

Secondly, Helvetica and Futura are costly. Ranging  from $30 to even $700 also sometimes not properly spaced. This can be seen in the situation of GAP.

I do hope we all do remember the GAP logo disaster in 2010.? GAP redesigned its logo into the Helvetica and reduced the prominence of the brand’s iconic blue box. The public reaction was swift and negative. The outcry was so massive, that the company decided to revert the logo to its former self after only 8 days of being public. Check it out below

Original Logo                                                   2010 disaster

We could be tempted to ask what went wrong? Why a 63 year old brand suddenly became sour in the public mouth?

The only reason i could see is, Helvetica and Futura are all old fashioned. The original Helvetica is so over used that it fails to provide a truly unique identifier. You need to be unique from your competitors. You need something less generic.

One of the ways of designing an effective logo is to alter an existing logotype, particularly the Helvetica. It’s that simple right? That’s the first and easy choice if you choose to go with the traditional Helvetica and Futura.

Let’s look at sport fashion logo for instance;

Sport fashion logos usually rely on few, selected modern fonts, like Futura right? Your goal is to visualize progress, elegance and style.

First and foremost,  your brand’s name needs to be visible at all times. Most often sportswear has little room available to attach a complex looking logo and still look good. This is why, a clear typeface or a recognizable monogram are the perfect answers. See the example below.

: The Speedo typeface is the perfect example for something that is distinct enough to put on a swimsuit or a sport wear. It’s elegant and modern-looking, implying that the equipment it’s attached to follow the same principle, designed according to cutting-edge technologies. The aggressive font is dynamic enough to convince the recipient that it allows him or her to enhance their performance by wearing Speedo clothing.

                                          Children’s fashion

With children fashion logos you are targeting two audiences at once: kids and their parents. You need to appeal to children by using clear, visible characters with lots of whitespace in-between. Keep in mind, that each age group requires different approach – younger kids prefers big,clumsy letters. For the parents, the typeface you use should evoke the feelings of safety, security and reliability. Avoid irony and sarcasm.


Color is  so important and effective for  logo design it can highlight business’s strengths and help you attract the right set of customers. The wrong combination can have the reverse effect and make your brand hang.

Color plays a crucial role in fashion logos and can effectively indicate which branch of clothing the viewer is dealing with. On a simple level, colors on the warm side of the spectrum, such as red and yellow, are uplifting and energetic, while their cooler counterparts, blue and green, give off calmness and more reserved.

Before you go on a coloring rampage, you should design your logo in a regular palette. This way you’ll get an idea of the contrast and saturation, as well as make sure, that the image will look clear enough for any printed material.

The images below are a perfect example of what is illustrated above;


Take a look at the inverted color palette – the designer wanted to make sure, that the logo typography will present itself well no matter the material it’s attached to.

Most high-end fashion logos designed in black are sophisticated and “classy”,  evoking a sense of authority and boldness. Although the color is seemingly universal, it’s also repetitive and might make you “blend in” a bit too much. This can be seen in the Example of Gucci in my later article above.

Make sure your color is consistent with your brand. Carry your color logo from materials, store and to the whole brand.It helps them create a consistent visual image in the heads of your recipients, exploiting subconscious attachments to particular colors.

Sport fashion logos tend to rely on bright colors show-casing energy, movement and health. Light version of red are perfect for inviting people to take risks, stimulating senses and raising blood pressure. Different shades of blue, on the other hand,  conjure feelings of freedom, limitless spaces and inner balance.

Colors in children fashion,  can generally let your imagination loose, as longs as you restrain yourself to lozenge and non-aggressive coloration. Children generally love cartoons,make your logo look like another Sunday cartoon with lots of pleasant looking shades. This will be all you have to do about color.


One of the most iconic fashion logos on the planet, like Nike, Adidas, are built upon logo mark – abstract or metaphorical shapes that are made to increase brand’s identity.

Do you need a logo mark?