Starting your own fashion company- Be Unique and leave your foot prints

Starting your own fashion company- Be Unique and leave your foot prints

Everything you need to know about owning a fashion company from designing a fashion logo 
that will help you stand out in the crowded world of fashion clothing brands. Be the owner
of your own identity in the fashion world with a Unique Logo.Be ready for a small business
Building your own fashion logo from scratch may seem harsh for some people but for a ready 
mind it’s just another, exciting project. The vast, glamorous world seems to be within your 
arm’s reach. You have ideas and unmatched imaginations – drawing the brand’s image should be 
fairly simple, right? Darn, have you designed a few lines of clothes before, how difficult can 
it be? Even as a beginner, you can do it all by yourself.
        Great mindsPreparing your logo all by yourself can end your career if not killing your fashion 
dream alive. 

Let’s make a few things clear – possessing valuable fashion designing skills does not 
translate well into building a successful logo. No matter how much talent you have or 
how brilliant your ideas are, you still don’t know the marketing world enough to do 
everything on your own (for instance, can you tell the difference between long-lasting and 
temporary topographic trends?) The process of preparing your own branding image is long, 

To make matters worse, fashion industry was almost starting to slow down. And this means,
it was going to be extra hard to make a difference in your niche and take over your competition. 

There was a general agreement that 2016 was one of the most challenging years the fashion 
industry has ever seen. Did you know? 

        We are detecting glimmers of hope: Executives report optimism and the McKinsey Global 
Fashion Index forecasts industry sales growth to nearly triple between 2016 and 2018, from 1.5
percent to between 3.5 and 4.5 percent.
Things are starting to look a bit grim, don’t you think? This is precisely why you need 
knowledge, experience and assistance in preparing a logo that will help you survive the 
upcoming years of struggle.
In fact, 2017 signaled the end of an era, as the West are no longer the global stronghold 
for fashion sales — more than half of apparel and footwear sales originate outside of 
Europe and North America. The main sources of growth are emerging-market countries across 
Asia–Pacific, Latin America, and other regions; they forecasted to grow at rates ranging 
between 5 and 7.5 percent since 2018

This master piece article will guide you through the most important aspect of designing a 
successful fashion logo. We are going to describe the 3 steps of logotype creation – shape, 
color and domain – and help you narrow down your choices when it comes to various branches
of fashion industry.

       Time wait for no one. JOIN THE FASHION TREND AND BE MADE:(The future is bright)

             3 easy Steps of fashion logo creation

I  am sure, you’re already past the idea of logo being a  pleasing and “cool” addition to your company. Think of your branded image as the ultimate sign transmitting your marketing message. You don’t have to remind yourself what the Gucci, Fendi, Nike, Versace logo looks like – it’s  in your brain by the mare mentioned of the brands name.

               Logo’s and brand’s are so important. In some parts of the world,

                 people can not read English, Chinese, Italian or French but they

                in remembering the signs.


                     Ask yourself this;   But how do I get to this point?

As with every project, you need a solid foundation. When it comes to logos, you need to focus on 3 things serving as a starting point to the whole designing process,

                    3 steps of creation:


shape and


         The next article will explain how to use these 3 steps and build your own brand in the fashion industry.  You are free to share with us your thoughts in the comments section below.


Gianni Versace Fashion-The prolific designer

Did you know Fashion clothing prolific icon’s who where inspired by the love of nature to grace us with the various designs of dresses today also had a normal life? Billions of people enjoy the handicraft of the likes of Dolce & Cabana, Calvin Klein, Gianni Versace just to name a few. Today I want to take you to the life of one of this icon’s life.

Gianni Versace.

This icon been the brain behind the clothing design millions of people all over the globe enjoy today. Just so you know that this icon was an Italian, the founder of the international fashion house ( Versace). This house produced accessories, fragrances, make-ups, interior decors and clothes. In case, you forget, he was a friend of Diana the famous princess of wales. Versace brand also designated costumes for theatre and films.



His full name from birth was Gianni Maria Versace. He grew up with elder brother Santo Versace, younger sister Donatella Versace who is been the co-owner of the brand Versace until September 2018 which she sold out to Capri holding. He also grew alongside his father and the mother Francisca to whom many refer to as the dress maker. You are not far from the truth if you start questioning where he got his talent.


Early life and career

This famous fashion icon was born in December 2, 1946, in Regio di Calabria, Italy. He was raised in the world of design, learning from the hands of his mother who ran her own dressmaking business. This gives you clearity on WHY he became the best right? He launched his own ready-to-wear collection for women in 1978. He continued to add his fashion empire, expanding into home furnishing and perfumes.

Age and death.

It’s so sad that Gianni Versace was only 50 when he died. He was shot and killed outside his home in South Beach, Florida. On this fateful day, Gianni woke up sound, made a call to Milan and went out a few blocks away from home just to get a journal. He was shot at his gate sadly enough by Andrew Cunanan who was furious and accused Versace of infecting him with the dreaded virus (HIV). Are you surprised? Just for the records, the family has debunked allegations of the icon being HIV positive.

Who is cunanan

Cunanan who was 27 years old was involved in a sex relationship with the icon Versace and seems things where not great. He was described by his own mother as a high class homosexual prostitute who was already wanted by the police for other crimes he had committed.



The icon Versace was flown to Italy by her shattered siblings Donatella and Santo who claimed the body on July 22,1997, one week after he was murdered. Versace was given a funeral fit of the Prince. Thousands of people attended his memorial with many of them wearing Versace. Friends like Naomi Campbell who was his favorite model, Elton John and Sting.


Who is your favorite fashion designer? Leave a comment at the comment box below.


Buying Online Fashion Clothes-Here are 5 tips for you

As fashion experts set themselves together as we end the year, they board in with new ideas to change the fashion game. Models and many other people who love to wear different types of accessories like belts, bracelets, watches, bags, clothes are on online surfing the net to buy their desired fashion clothing. The game of online fashion clothes has change immensely from the pass of time. Don’t be excited, there are different forms of Online Fashion clothes.

Before going into the 5 tips, i would like you to answer this questions honestly “What in particular are you looking for? What design fits you best? Are you into casuals and lot more? This is what you should search for in different categories:


Suit separates have made a comeback and are a super trend. They have a modern look now looking airless. Suits give you the perfect ultimate boss look for the new year. Pair your sharp suits with a bold graphic tie for a casual or unexpected look. This will also help you achieve a perfectly balanced outfit and not look outdated. This i recommend you search for when buying online clothes.

luxe suit                                  suit


Did you also know shorts have stolen the show this year? Buying online fashion clothes, Go for tailored, micro or knee-length, whatever you may be comfortable in. Give your skirts/trousers a break for the next few months and for your summer go-to, choose loose and uber stylish shorts.

uber short                              uber short


Here we go with fabric at our top 3 where top designers have rediscovered the beauty of our heritage fabrics. Natural fabrics is catching a lot of eye balls in the buying online fashion world. Designers now offer dhoti pants, straight pants, crop tops, caps, jackets and more done in pastel shades of neutrals. Let’s not allow the scorching heat stop us from putting our best foot forward. Make buying online fashion clothes a summer style statement with these fabrics.

Fabric                    Fabric


Colors have a great influence when considering to buy online. Depending on your mood, i will consider talking about bright colors.From bold blues and dark greens to bright yellow, we don’t have to worry about 2020. It will be an interesting year of fashion. The more minimalist outfits and looks now feature deep colors like chocolate, brown and auburn reds. Swimwear designers have incorporated a plethora of colors and prints into their latest collections. Starting to get use to the handicraft of most talented designers will just make our appearance suit nature.

Colors                        Color


It won’t just be right talking about buying online without mentioning the need for bags, belts, watches right? Yes, belt bags has got sophisticated moreover this past season and still moving across. Belt bags, watches bring the class to a hands-free accessory and are great for night out. Fancy flats has also helped a lot mostly on the days you do not want to put in any effort to think about what you going to wear. When it comes to shoes, you don’t have to opt for high heels to look stylish. Just make sure the footwear, whether flats or heels have a pop of color.  A fantastic piece of jewelry such as a pair of hopes will make your party glamorous and gets the most view.

Jewlry               Low heels shoe

So, Thanks to buying online fashion and other magazines, you now know about the hottest new trends in the world of fashion. Therefore the theme of fashion is always relevant. This statement applies to both fashion and in buying online fashion clothes. Keep reading and following the trend of buying online fashion clothes.

I am open to critics and I won’t mind if you have anything to share with me about buying online fashion clothes in the comment box below.