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                                               New year resolutions

Most people reading this can’t remember a new year when they haven’t made a new year resolution such as; get more sleep, make less friends, less outings, drink more water, drink less alcohol, eat more fruits, learn French and Swahili and many more. I as an example have  layout same resolutions but only one pledge I have ever managed to stick to for longer than a few months, and possibly the only one that made me feel better about myself instead of worse – I broke up with fast fashion.

No new clothes for a year. No more pay day booty . No more friendly coquetry with one of the most petty and wasteful industries on planet earth. What a waste of savings. I say bye fast fashion.

Before you do same,  I want you to know that vowing off from shopping is not deprivation. For many it’s a revert state, through lack of funds or choice. As mostly seen, fashion journalist working in the changeable world of the media, with trends that rise and fall back, In same light, I do know clothes take up a larger space in our life and brain than they do for the average person and I also know so many people who feel restrained by fashion without the professional pressure; so many men and women who shop as if it’s a side hustle are obliged to keep unsinkable and if not buying, then browsing, scrolling, trying on, returning, thinking, always thinking about shopping. It’s a waste of time and i will tell how as we keep our fingers cross reading through each step;


It’s remarkable how many times this year both men and women have fallen over themselves ignoring fast fashion, proudly saying, they never buy clothes. phobia for clothes? As though it’s a coincidence I picked up the message that as a human, our looks matter more than anything. Opting out from fast fashion doesn’t mean we can’t look much more better with moderate fashion, classic or Fad.

A wife-bought wardrobes of clothes isn’t a character of weakness to be stamped out like smoking or other physical bad habits. You reading this can bear with me that clothes can be cultural currency, tribal identity and a precious tool of self-expression and self esteem. An outfit can set you apart from one crowd, and win you a place in another. The likes of Chinua Achebe and Nelson Mandela won a place, clothes are more important  than to solely keep us warm. They change our view of the world and the world’s view of us.” This can easily be seen from our cultural heritage.

Over the years, clothes have been a comfort blanket and confidence booster. They’ve been a recreational hobby, a competitive sport and a way to bond with people in public. Most famous people all over the world have hunted for those holy grail garments the way a tax collector will hunt out rare stamps. Everyone including you have used clothes to draw attention and we also use them as camouflage,my personal experience of  buying the illusion of grown-up professionalism in weekly installments at Zara at a time when my salary barely covered my bus pass. I always had the most capable-looking outfit which if not everyone but most did complimented. My boss saw me as his inspiration and motivation as everyday passed bye even without the fast fashion.


It’s amazing how often you can medicate trend heartburn with something that’s already in your wardrobe.
But, of course, once you invest to a thing with so much potential to make you feel good, it also has equal potential to make you feel bad. Each outfit is an exam to be passed or failed. At least once a week diverse people would likely have a wardrobe crisis before leaving the house, I’ve been with a friend who was standing in pants and hurling clothes around the bedroom, believing there was nothing to wear even as there was clear evidence to the contrary. On situations like this, you might be tempted to plan and emergency trip to H&M at lunchtime, the way you might bite into kick for pain killers to ease a headache. Somewhere along the way, with much research and many tagged questions still hanging, I  think people give clothes too much power.


I know you are given them too much time and money.How many times do you browse your phone searching for clothes online? Its has become a daily habit and its time consuming. Quite and invest time on making money. Once you stop shopping, spare cash will appear in your account and periods of free time will begin to appear in a week. It’s incredible, the things you can get done when you’re not forever standing in a Kerry Office queue with a handful of Lazada returns.  I’m not saying you should launch a startup or learn Swahili immediately, but i know it will pay-out well if you also give preference to reading a lot more books and precisely there is zero crisis in changing rooms and other Stories. With this I’m sure you will watch yourself rise incrementally, out of the depths of your overdraft, with each dress and bag you haven’t bought. It’s progress.

For clarity, I do know no one can entirely stop shopping. Charity shops have filled the gap left by the high street, along with the occasional pre-owned ornament from Lazada and Depop. But second hand shopping is a different beast, it’s a slow-release energy to fast fashion’s sugar rush. While the high street sells the idea that every shopping trip should end in a purchase, thrift stores manage your expectations. You learn to appreciate the trawl as much as the haul, getting gooey-eyed about the history stitched into each stratum. Going home empty-handed feels less like defeat. You’ve saved the money and still had a nice day out.


                                                      Be creative

Of course, it’s important to acknowledge that second- hand shopping isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. It’s harder to find larger clothes in thrift shops, and the sustainable fashion world in general has a long way to go before it caters for everyone equally. But then, so does the high street.

You will never know you hate changing rooms, until you quit shopping that’s when you will realize just how much self-loathing lurked behind those curtains. Fast fashion make someone feel as though you are failing it, every time the zip didn’t do up, or the buttons gaped, or the outfit that looked elegant and indifferent on the figure looked strange and lumpen inferior on you when ever you put it on. You blame yourself, your body, when in fact and you are furious it took you 29 years to clutch this, it’s the clothes that should be auditioning for you. Not the other way round. You shouldn’t be going through all this, for i am sure you are wonderfully made.

I’d love to say that breaking up with fast fashion will salt the morning calamity. They’re certainly less frequent, but the wrong recipe of weather, schedule and hormones can still tip you into stylish crisis. And  still get struck down by trend heartburn that feverish all consuming need to buy some viral item you hadn’t even liked the week before.

There are new tricks to magnify more wear out of your existing wardrobe such like skimming. I’d previously believed you could only do if you owned your own kiln. If it turns out to be No, you simply need to take your clothes and put them on top of other clothes, Shirts under short-sleeved sweaters, jumpers over dresses and jeans. This will give you great success and as long as you keep being creative and being stylish. Come to think of it, what fast fashion dress has been created from space which has never existed? The answer is none, all they do is modernize through creativity which is what you can do with your wardrobe and safe time to increase your bank account.



As so many business experts will tell you, constraint force creativity. And when you limit your shopping options, you find yourself getting inventive with new tools instead. Sometimes superglue, sometimes scissors. Your sewing skills have wasted since you gave in to fast fashion but still there in you if you cut down on shopping, You will be amazed when you will  be attempting to repair or improve something in casual. When last did you put a press stud between gaping buttons? When last did you hem a dress or even change a neckline? I am sure you know so well to do all this but you are stocked into fast fashion.When craving for new jeans and it suddenly appears in the market,  try to unearthed an ancient pair of mid-rise stretch (baggy) and chopped them into ankle-length flares be creative with what you already have before diving into the market for a fast fashion dress.There is nothing wrong in trying, the bootcut or backless is a creative long time ancient wear. These are not exactly the jeans of your dreams, but they’re close enough. And you are old enough to know by now that the jeans of your dreams don’t exist.


                                                      Clothing swap

From research many people are not a capsule wardrobe type. Even so, a good wardrobe extract can be purifying, and there’s an argument for stripping back your wardrobe to an edited selection of reliable and quality pieces. Give a deaf ear to people who say you should get rid of everything you haven’t worn in a year. The world of Fashion is a cycle come on, we all know this and sooner or later we will all send old trend off to the charity shop than we will suddenly declare it hot again. The most indefinite item is the one you already own It’s amazing how often you can medicate trend heartburn with something that’s already in your wardrobe.

People Wardrobes have arrived on the scene to formalize and monetize the process.  Sharing and borrowing from friends is a secret weapon that most of us don’t take nearly enough advantage of. The wardrobe of the future is an open  source. I urge you to organize clothing swap groups with family and friends without living out your pregnant friend who might be all gone at that time and many of her clothes could not fit at the moment. Cloth swap has now become as a tradition everywhere as many people believe in the power of team building and the power of love.


Meanwhile, social media has taken the fashion world to another level. Unfriending every fast fashion influencer is a great step so as to shield you from temptation of going back to the habit you are avoiding.  In a galaxy of  single-wear wardrobes, their willingness to show off the same items again and again feels gently disruptive. You can also become a toddler by repeating your most favorable jumpsuit. The media does that to get your attention so you can fall prey and buy, love yourself more by show casing what you learn from them.

One amazing thing you will realize is how little everybody cares about what you are wearing. Be it at work, at the party. Isn’t  it amazing if your creativity brought you to the lime light ? You becoming famous with the works of your hands and being noticed because the clothing you have on can not be found in a fast fashion shop. Also remember this and don’t stress yourself a lot, people do not even care about what you wear, most of them wont even remember.

Memories are inspiring, this i know we can’t easily forget because they will follow us as we remember those much loved time worn out outfits. It really a is good mindset that carries you through a year without shopping. Instead of pining over your break-up with fast fashion, try to focus on the relationship with the clothes you already own. Take a look at the memorable photos and look at their present state. Smile over this and Romance them, looking after them, taking them out dancing. Remind yourself of the good parties and outings you used them for and don’t forget to ask yourself why you ever felt for them at the first place.

Wisdom is to be received and believed, mindful of the fat that a relationship to move on after a break up could possibly take a lengthy period, it just add up to the fact you might just have a decade ahead of you before the thrill of a Kerry delivery. There are millions and tons of reasons why it isn’t worth your time buying fast fashion every year. I don’t want to sound like someone who goes around warning others off their toxic ex, like hey babe you can do much better than fast fashion. I am certain the earth can and we all can.

 Slow down with fast fashion

 Top 5 tips tips to take control and kick fast fashion habit

1.  Clean up your inbox and unsubscribe from all brands sending you emails which might lea you temptation and also unfollow social media influencers who give you clicks to buy.

2. There are examples of leaders Scroll slow fashion influencers who are delighted in outfit repeating clever styling tricks. Follow them and increase your account for year.

3.Ask yourself why you buy these clothes you don’t even need them that much and see how you can change the habit either by avoiding spendy friends or finding a route home from work and try to be creative with your hands.

4.Spend a day and bring out all the clothes in your wardrobe no matter how many they are, try a new combination of these clothes. It’s amazing how old clothes can feel fresh again with a bit of imagination.

5. When the desire for new clothes ever strikes, try raiding a friend  or family member wardrobe. It could be amazing if you could spice it with clothes swapping.

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