how to promote your business brand


We have a number of different ways that you can successfully advertise a brand. Be it a clothing, shoes, bag brand. You can showcase your brand by having fun, flattering pictures and then compose an attention-grabbing branding video. Well to start, you need a website with some social media accounts for the brand. Don’t be scared by the mare mention of a website cause it’s easy and free creating one. There are so many platforms here and there to help you host an outstanding website for free. I recommend WEALTHY AFFILIATE platform as one of the best platforms for domain hosting with a clear and unique simple and clear steps to get your website active in 10 minutes.

The next step is to gain visibility by sharing pictures and posts through your online networks. Going extra miles to make it public will involve you producing intriguing kits and monetize a sponsored blog content to promote your brand. The following steps will get you started with ease.


Popular brands can be identified by signature logos. If you do not have one already, try to have one design for you. Choose an image that is very important to you, letters which are unique and personal to identify you. For example symbols of  luck for you.


Link your brand with particular aesthetic appeal. Make it a running theme for your brand, plan photo shoots and promotional campaigns. For instance, if your brand suited for outdoor activities, choose nature as your aesthetic and hold photo shoots outdoor.



Take photos of your brand. In today’s world, even amateur photographers can take beautiful pictures with smartphones using apps and filters. Take beautiful photos of your brand, adjust the color and balance using downloaded free photo editing apps on your smartphone to touch up your pictures


Fashion shows are a great way to advertise your brand in an interactive way. Hold on fashion shows as these events helps to attract professionals in the fashion world. To attract a greater crowd and good exposure, hold on fashions shows as a benefit to charity.Promote your brand on social media sites to spread the word quickly. There are thousand of people on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and more. Use these platforms for free advert of your brand.


Lastly on the list, is to make mail samples to brand publications upon request. After sending out press kits to different publications, you may receive request for sample of your brand. Download a fashion brand inventory  software such as GPS that will let you print out loan forms for these publications to sign, guaranteeing that the sample will be returned by specific date and in good condition. Your sample should be sent out after receiving the signed form back. Always keep track of your sample with the inventory software or a simple Excel spreadsheet.



Create a press kit with informative presentation about your brand explaining how your brand started. The kit can be printed and sent by mail, hand delivered or sent online as a PDF document. Grant interviews, links of your social media, updated information and high quality photos to brandish in the media daily.

I hope you find this information helpful and it can get you on track

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