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Ones upon a time there where no clothing and human lived using the fur of animals to cover the body. The increased intelligence allowed them to utilize animal furs and expand into colder areas without selection pressure and evolution having to work towards thicker fur again. It’s hypothesized that humans didn’t spread into colder climates until after clothing was invented. We know that humans have always had fire, which would keep away the cold in more harsh environments within Africa.

Clothing are not a necessity for everyone, SO WHY DO WE BOTHER WEARING CLOTHES AT ALL?

There are several reasons why as human we need clothes as we go outdoor in different climatic conditions. Different outdoor clothing brands have been invented to deal away with different climatic conditions. The top 10 outdoor clothing brands of all time goes thus;


The top of our list is the giant Vancouver Bristish Colombia high-end clothing and sport goods. This company is the leading producer and sole owner of the best outdoor products associated with climbing, skiing, snowboarding, backpacking and hiking related activities. Products from this giant company are so far the best when it comes to outdoor clothing brands. They are affordable and available on almost every online shop. Check out this recommendation here.


Second on our list which is also my most treasured outdoor clothing brand is the Cotopaxi. It’s inspirational as this  name originates from one of the highest summits in the world and second highest in Ecuador. The creative nature of the company gives a call for concern into how they incorporated and formed a name like this. They are far a favorite clothing brand as they are not concern only in profit making. This company offer generous donation of money to good causes. I personally treasure and consume most of their products as it is a form of given to others at the same time since a % of their earning is given to charity. You can consume their products with ease knowing you are also donating to the welfare of others.


Located in the head of the Wasatch Mountain of North of Utah is this committed brand creating durable, comfortable and stylish outdoor clothing brands. They got one of the best outdoor clothing brand for women to used from trails to the bar and restaurants. They got innovative materials in Kuhl pants and also have perfect shirts which are good in travelling. This brand is number three in our list as their stylish mountain apparel are so comfortable for outdoor movement, low to maintain, technical , flexible and very comfortable. No doubt most of our famous people prefer this outfit during outdoor events. Thanks for the luxury of comfortable, durable and easy to maintain factor.

4. The North Face

Another top brand for outdoor clothing which this platform recommend for you. If you are a frequent outdoor lover, then you must seen many travelers wearing this brand which can be worn in any season. This brand is great, moderately priced together with its wonderful quality as well. It is obvious and suitable brand for your outdoor clothing options. Graced with both ladies and men wear ranging from pants to yoga are all inclusive in this company outdoor brand. Go check yours and enjoy one of the most famous outdoor brand of all time.

5. Kathmandu

Another powerful and strong brand is the Kathmandu originally from the New-Zealand and it’s routes extended to Australia. They are the leading retailers of sport clothing, equipment for travel and adventures in the New-Zealand and Australia. They are a force to unite with when it come to outdoor clothing brand as they produce a wide range of products ranging from, jackets, sleeping wears, bags, shoes and a lot more. Every outdoor clothing brand you could possibly need for your outdoor activities can be gotten from this brand as they manufacture a lot of products with most of it original clothing range in New-Zealand. They are unique and their prices are moderate and affordable. You need this brand for your outdoor activity be it sight seeing, hiking, camping and the rest of your outdoor activities.

6. Barbour

Difficult to talk about outdoor clothing brands without mentioning the most famous J.Barbour and son’s limited. Barbour is based in England with it’s luxury lifestyle in the manufacture of outdoor clothing made of waxed cotton.They manufacture clothing, foot-wears and accessories for men, women and children. This company is so unique in producing waxed cotton jackets for outdoor to an extend where people refer to every cotton jacket as a Barbour jacket. Barbour also manufactures waterproof jackets and also has a record of supplying the Queen of England, Prince of Wales with waterproof jackets and a host of other royalties. They are a leading and most sophisticated jacket brand in England.





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